Tuesday, December 30, 2008

miss brewer | dallas child photographer

this little spit-fire was such a blast...so much older than her years and very goofy. i loved it! her facial expressions were so funny that half the time i was wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing, all-the-while hoping that i had the presence of mind to get the picture!!

what a fun morning. thank you

so serious | dallas child photographer

when this little bug's mom called me to do a session, she warned me. good luck getting a smile. she was right. i used all my tricks, and tried a few new ones, but this little girly had a mind of her own. now, while we did capture the elusive smile that mom reeeeally wanted, i just loved the seriousness of this small squeezy-cheeked-blue-eyed princess.

a special thank you to the kotas family for loaning us the frog. what a GREAT frog! she loved it

Friday, December 19, 2008

my almost-holiday card | dallas child photographer

well, the holiday season was crazy, exciting, and...fast! we burned the midnight oil to get each christmas card order delivered on time but somehow in the frenzied pace we have been keeping since the end of september, i forgot to order MY christmas cards!!!

i dressed the kids, bribed the kids, took pictures of the kids, bribed the kids some more for the chance to take "just a few more" pictures all in the name of holiday greeting cards. now, here i am five days before christmas and not a single alldredge family card to show for it.

so i am posting these images for my friends and family, with my tail between my legs, in a ditch effort to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a stellar 2009!

i absolutely love that this image is out of focus and full of action. i can just hear gracie laughing as she dodges the flying leaves.

almost holiday card pt 2 | dallas child photographer

i just cant believe that my bight-eyed little girl is this stunning big person. when did that happen? did i give permission for her to do that?

merry christmass all and thank you for being a part of our lives.

boys | dallas child photographer

i hyave known hese boys for years. when their mom called and wanted me to do a session with them i was so excited...but a funny thing happened once i looked at them from behind my camera. they grew! i think the youngest kiddo was...hmmm...5 or so when we moved to town. all of a sudden they are like...men? shudder...scary :)

these 2 were great and i have such a soft spot for redheads. so handsom

cute cousins | dallas child photographer

these 2 cute babies were giggly-squeezy-cheek-balls-o-fun. this little man is definitely going to be a heart breaker...he is already fine-tuning his flirting skills. "he had me at hello." from the moment i introduced myself, he was flirting. what a ham!

and...his beautiful cousin. ahhh, what a cutie. she made me work for her attention, but when she was ready, what a charmer. and, she flew all the way from chicago so we could do a session. what a trooper.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

just a little girl | dallas child photographer

ok, so you will just have to believe me when i tell you that this little girl is only 9. amazing, isnt it? every time i photograph this kid i am just blown away by her. i almost forget she is only 9 until someone mentions Edward Cullen (twilight book/movie) and then the blushing and giggling start...mine or hers? :)

cant wait till the next session. luv you kiddo!!

fun downtown| dallas family photographer

how much fun are these kids? they show up with a car full of funky, cool clothes ready to have some fun. the green furry jacket...mom's halloween costume. she was sonny bono and her husband was cher. you cant get any cooler than that.