Friday, May 30, 2008

rockin' the tutu | dallas child photographer

So much is going on right now, I have neglected the blog...bad, I know. My youngest somehow caught the measels! I haven't heard of a case of those ravenous rashy bumps in a loooong time. Do people still get the measels? Other than Ben, of course, who is just covered with them...poor thing. I am starting to come out of the hang-over that is from sleep deprivation over the last 5 nights. Hopefully things will get back on track and I will be able to hold a thought for more than 5 seconds!

I am getting ready to fly to Chicago next week for a workshop with the great Audrey Woulard. I am so excited. Her talent is something I look to for inspiration all the time and I hope some of it will just rub off on me when we are in the same room together. I haven't been away from my kids since...well...hmmm, when was I away from my kids last? To say I am excited for the trip would be an understatement, but I am nervous to be that far away from my kiddos. Excited and hesitant...I am a walking contradiction.

Shortly after I get back from Chicago, I will set up shop in a booth at the Dallas Child fair. It should be cool. Loads of child related ME! I will be sharing space with the talented Julie who makes the amazing tutus in these pictures. She and I will also be advertising together in Dallas Child Magazione starting in July, so keep an eye out.

I have been burning the midnight oil for what seems like an eternity trying to get my website up and running. Hopefully Herd of Birdz will be live by June 21st, which is when I will be looking for you all to come and see us at the fair. I am working on some exciting "incentives" for those wanting to book a session the day of the fair, so (hint, hint) come and see us! :)

Loads of exciting things happening, I am just trying to hold on and enjoy the ride.

I told Julie that I would try to get some pictures of her tutus during a shoot I had today. I thought, ok, maybe I could talk these kids into one or two minutes with the tutus on. Mom told me they weren't the frilly type, so I wasn't holding my breath. Then...they put the tutus on and they rocked the tutus, especially the oldest of the three. Is she not the most stunning kid? I just loved that she really wasn't interested at first and by the end, she was asking me if we could take a picture over here, and there, and "just one more while I stand like this." These 3 girls were spunky and fun. And Mary, I don't normally post this many pictures but your kids were so beautiful, I couldn't narrow it down any fewer than this.