Monday, June 30, 2008

curlz | dallas baby photographer

this baby had the curliest hair and the best "chunk," i was just petting her head and squeezing her cheeks all day. true to form for a one-year-old this little bug was all over the place. she had the funniest expressions if you could keep up with her long enough to catch a glimpse.

since this session was for the baby's first birthday, i should have posted one of her pictures first, but her sister was so cute and i loved this shot i couldn't resist.

i was so proud of this baby, she rocked the tutu and it was a good thing, too since mom forgot the rest of her clothes! love ya alex...

madison & nathan | dallas child photographer

these kids are so sweet. madison couldn't be sweeter. mr. nathan really put his mother and i to the test, but i just see that as a personal challenge to make friends. getting him to show us anything but the back of his shirt was a major accomplishment. what a cutie patootie.

heading to utah | dallas family photographer

well, we are heading to utah the end of july for vacation and photo shoots. i spent roughly 22 years growing up there and can't say enough about the beauty of its mountains, lakes and people.

for those interested, i still have a couple session spots open if you will be in the salt lake/ park city area during this time. it should be a lot of fun!! hope to see you there

Sunday, June 29, 2008

published! | dallas child photographer

i have tried to hold on to this secret, just in case my image was cut at the last minute before publication...but now i am excited to say that one of my images has been published in the newest edition of Life Images magazine. it is a picture of my little Gracie blowing a wishing puff along with a journal entry of the conversation we had - she and i - about the wishing puff. {we are on pages 60-61}.

Grace's response upon seeing her picture in print was so funny, and unexpected:

me: look Gracie! you are in a magazine! what do you think?

grace: {smiling} cool...that's me...but now when am i going to be on TV like Spongebob?

gotta love how they just don't "sweat the small stuff." well, i am proud to have my image in this publication and will leave the movie star stuff to Gracie and Spongebob.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

what a goofball | dallas child photographer

this was by far the funniest kid i have encountered in a while...except for my niece who is the goofiest of them all. i love this age because they just crack themselves up.

me: tell me a really good joke.

her: knock knock {they are all knock knock jokes in the first grade}

me: who's there?

her: camera!

me: camera who?

her: watermelon!!! Ahhhh ha ha ha

me: stunned silence for 1/2 a second, then roaring laughter.

the moment i met this joker, she was laughing. she laughed at me, with me, and well, just laughed because it suits her. she makes me smile just thinking about how much she laughed. thank you for a photography at play kinda day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tickled pink

i wouldn't say that i had a black thumb, but it certainly isn't green. if family or friend offers some sort of growing thing for me to keep alive, they know enough by now to buy the one that says "hearty." at least then, the poor thing has a fighting chance at survival. i water them, i give them nice homes in the sun, in the shade...whatever the little information stick says to do. yet, they inevitably die.

i adore hydrangeas. they make me happy. so about 3 years ago i bought a thriving plant with beautiful blooming flowers hanging off of it...i wanted to hit the ground running...and planted it in the best spot available in my back yard. it held on, but it wasn't pretty. so i bought another one. maybe the first one was lonely and they could thrive together. they didn't. my husband bought yet another and called it the "family love flower" i guess hoping that the endearing name would give it stamina. it didn't.

5 plants and 3 years later land ook what has risen from the ashes! not only are they thriving, blooming and just glorious, they are now way to close together and i am faced with the decision of leaving well enough alone or transplanting them so they don't suffocate each other.

yes, i think so too...leave well enough alone! they made it this far. Ahhh, they just sing happiness to me. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 peas | dallas child photographer

these kids defined photography at play which made this day a whole lotta fun. 3 guesses which kiddo "turned it on."

many of the kids that have come my way lately have been girls, so i just loved this little guy. as long as i let him push buttons on my camera every other shot or so, he was happy. for a minute he went crazy and started pushing all kinds of buttons. i had this vision that all the images would come out "hinkey" and i would be scratching my head trying to figure out what he had done. whew!

talk about eyes...the oldest kiddo could stop traffic with hers. just beautiful.

the little girly in this first shot was such a kick in the pants. just full of expression...but she made me work because every time she saw that camera come anywhere near my face, she turned on the "cheese smile." she was so funny and expressive until the camera moved north, then quick as a blink, she had the "cheese smile" ready. i had to pull out all my little tricks. my favorite was when i turned off the camera and told her something was wrong with it...the button wouldn't work. i let her push the shutter button, and sure enough, it didn't work. :) so, i told her to relax for a second while i tried to fix it. she didn't have to smile or even look at me when the camera was by my eye because i was just fixing the button...then i promptly turned on the camera and waited.

about 2 1/2 seconds went by and she gave me the best image ever...which is the last one in this post! HA!! i am still can't get anymore real than that! that pretty much sums her up, doesn't it amy?

thanks for a fantabulous day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

our new ad | dallas child photographer

this is our new ad that will appear in the july issue of Dallas Child magazine. the girl we featured just blows my socks off. she rocks and i love her. she is all over my portfolio, my displays and now in my advertising...and i am sure she will continue to be a large presence. isn't she beautiful? the best part is that she is a beautiful person from the inside out. if she is this amazing to view, you can only imagine how incredible she is as a person.

Peyton, you are awesome, kid!

and the winner {s} are!!!!

at the fair we held a drawing for a free shoot and 11x14 mounted print but the moment we got home i decided i couldn't possibly pick just one name after looking at all of those wonderful kids. so, i have decided to pick 3!

drum roll please........

congratulations to Esmeralda D. from Allen, Debi P. from Dallas, and Camilla F. from Mesquite!!!

yeah...i can't wait!

dallas baby fair | dallas baby photographer

Thank you to all who stopped by our "booth" and said hello on Saturday. We had a great time talking to everyone and seeing many of the cute kids that graced our displays. For those of you who did not come by the fair or who have never strolled though one of these, the Dallas Baby magazine periodically hosts a cover contest and creates this vendor fair around it. This was such a day. They set up an on-site studio and people brought their babies in for a test shoot for a chance of seeing their kiddo on the cover.

Well, I'll tell you that I have never seen so many stunning children in one place...I was in heaven! Every time I turned aroun there was a baby with the face, and eyes, and expression that could just melt your heart. Well, being me, I had to schmmoze with each kid and each family for just the briefest opportunity to get a look at such a stunning kid. The time just flew by and what a great day laughing and playing with some of the most adorable kids.

Julie, "the tutu-lady" as my kids call her :) brought some of her fabulous tutus and it was so funny to watch the moms of little girls as they walked by. It was like radar...girly, colorful and fun. What more does a mom need to quickly make a screeching turn to check out the whimsical?

I wonder if one of these would fit me?

My husband was such a great help and I think he suprised himself at how "into it" he became when we started talking about how we wanted to display my images. The tall display was a piece of scrap corrugated metal that he mounted to a small stand. The table for our cards was a salvaged barn wood table that he put together 2 days before. Thanks, honey for all your hard work. It looked GREAT!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

first haircut ever | dallas child photographer

Gracie was sooo excited to get her "big girl hair." She has a spring in her step today and it is so cute to watch her swish her hair from side to side at every chance she gets. Not a lot of baby left in this kid.

Emily | dallas child photographer

So, I am a little behind posting the rest of our little family shoot in the tutus. Maybe I was saving the best for last! This is my Em. It's only when I see pictures of her like this that I am jolted into the present and see her as she I see and "feel" her as the cute little three year old with pigtails that she many years ago? It feels like just a couple days ago for me. Love you, Em.