Sunday, July 20, 2008

surfin' in dallas | dallas child photographer

you can take the person out of california, but you can't take california out of the person...or something like that. when we left california 4 years ago, we couldn't bear the thought of leaving the surf board behind. so in our garage it sits, up high, in a position of power...waiting.

we loaded up the kids and went to the "beach" - sand pails, beach chairs and surf board in tow. the summer has made us all a little nostaligic and the beach was calling. we may have only made it to lake ray roberts 30 minutes away, but we has a great day and i assure you, we were the hippest, happenin' bunch around!

since we no longer have a plentiful supply of board wax, it was all but imposible to stay upright for any length of time, especially when the "waves" came roaring in...all 12 inches or so...from the ski boats in the distance. the two little girls rocked, however, and were clearly meant for surfing as they were able to "ride the waves" like champions.

can you tell these 2 boys are related? if i didn't know better, i would think they were brothers (they aren't). i just love their eyes. it is always the boys that get the ginormous eyelashes that go on forever, isn't it?

you really haven't experienced the "beach" till you have eaten sand. it is kind of a right of passage.

my beach baby...someday i will cut his hair. just not today :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

cousins | dallas child photographer

my sister and her beautiful kids came to visit which meant that all of the grandkids were together. the cameras went wild. i was so excited to have an opportunity to show off my niece and nephew. they live far, far away and we don't get to see them as often as i would like.

when we took the little kids out for some fun pictures, we laughed at the middle 2 girls. the 2 oldest grandkids and 2 youngest look so alike that they should be siblings but they arent...then you have these 2...the middle of the pack. they each are independent, individuals, a force to recon with and the "muscle" - regardless of age. don't let the dresses fool you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

claire. cameron. clayton | dallas baby photographer

WHEW! it has been a crazy, busy week and there is more to come. i know, i have neglected my poor blog, but i promise to catch up after i return from Utah.

suzanne, these kids of yours are so great. here is a sneak peek just for you!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ahhh,a 3 year old | dallas child photographer

grace and i were goofing around the other day. she loved the groovy retro necklace i found so i tried to find a place groovy enough for a picture with the groovy necklace. she was so sweet and fun and silly...till...she wasn't.

i was still laughing and thought life was good. apparently i was like one of those people who falls asleep during a funny part in the movie only to wake up laughing 20 minutes later, not realizing that the moment has passed and i missed something major.

well, i am pretty sure that i didn't fall asleep while i was taking her picture and i don't recall anything "major happening" although these 2 pictures are literally a moment apart. so, i will chalk this sudden shift in mood up to the wild and crazy ride living with a 3 year old. because, it feels better to me than the possibility that i fell asleep, woke up not realizing that i was asleep and missed something big!!