Sunday, August 17, 2008


we are having some technical difficulties with the blog. please forgive the "mess."

despite the crazy unkept appearance...please review the post below for our exciting new pricing structure. we went back to the way we used to do it because we like it better that way :) and more importantly, our clients requested and we took action!!

ho.ho.ho | dallas baby photographer

well, we have finally decided to go back to our "roots" and offer a high resolution disc with your session's images for each package you choose. a couple of wonderfully talented photographers across the country are doing this in an effort to go green and we really like that idea. with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, it is amazing how much we consume. and although we are struggling with the whole you-need-to-parcel-out-each-piece-of-garbage-to-recycle idea, this is our more realistic contribution to a cleaner environment. now you can print only what you want when you want because you will have the images. we are also working toward on-line brochures and info packets...less paper!

is the price for the photographer's time and talent. that hasnt changed but...

-a CD with 6 high resolution images from your session. just think...the opportunity to purchase your individually edited works of art for the price of an 8x10!! the printing possibilities are endless for you.
- each additional image is just $55

- your complete image gallery on disc.
- a totally unique image box, handmade & wrapped in a silk cover printed with a custom design and image from your session. i will choose a selection of 5x7 images from your session for your very cool and personalized image box. this is great to own, even better as a gift.
(i am sooo excited about this and cant wait to show you what this looks like...more to come soon)

note: for those of you who have completed a session with Herd of Birdz, you know that while i guarantee 30-40 images in your gallery, i usually have so much more. so, when you buy the entire CD, your image prices start at only $20 and work their way down the more images you have in your gallery!!

- complete image gallery on cd
- custom 16x20 image on archival paper, mounted
- custom design image box with a selection of 5x7's

- complete image gallery on cd
- custom 16x20
- custom design image box
- 3 14x14 custom canvas wraps - for a spectacular presentation, these ready to display canvas wraps are protected with laminate to prevent scuffs and scratches while providing UV protection.

we also have an exciting array of birth announcements, holiday cards and other add-ons we cant wait to show you.

so now the fun start off our holiday season (can you BELIEVE we are talking about that already?!!) and to celebrate our new and much requested image packages, we are offering the complete image gallery CD for only $525!! that is a $300 savings and your images cost less than $14!! we will offer this early HO.HO.HO gift from us to you until the end of September. sessions are already limited so call soon.

for previous clients...we have something special just for us!

Whew!! so that's it for now. i am still editing our Utah shoots and will post them soon. until next time....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

daddy's girl | dallas family photographer

whew! i am back from utah and ready to edit, edit, edit. what a fun trip...i just love it there (park city). i have sooo many pictures i want to post, but i have promised myself that i will keep it to a minimum. let's see how i do!

what a cute and special family this is. i had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with them just before i left town and they have patiently waited for a sneak peek. dad was such a good sport considering he was in dress uniform and it was almost 100 degrees outside and loads of humidity. this little girl was so sweet and i just loved watching her with her daddy...she sure is daddy's little girl.

and!!! she had the cutest polka-dot dress. i absolutely love polka-dots, they are just so....happy.