Sunday, September 28, 2008

wallin family

i am proud to call this goofy bunch my friends. the wallin family means a lot to us so it was both easy and fun to do a session with these kids. can you believe these cute parents?

until next tomorrow for dinner! see you then.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my 3 sons | dallas child photographer

this entire shoot could be summed up by saying that after each shot, i had to resist the urge to touch their hair! the curlz that these boys have are so...unfair. i was supposed to have hair like this, i have decided, so i have such a soft spot for people with gorgeous hair.

their faces are so sweet you would never know by looking at them that the temperature that day was over 90 degrees and the humidity was "swampish." ahhhh, texas weather is great, isnt it? probably a good thing, though, because i could have taken picture after picture of these boys. to top it off, they were so sweet and fun.

i love my job.

this little man informed me as we were walking by the numbers on the wall that he just turned 4! perfect.

ok, so maybe you had to be there, but this was so funny. i put this chair down and asked if they would be willing to sit together. immediately i get an emphatic, "no! ewww. no way." but they did it they were protesting. when they sat down, however, they were so far apart and on opposite sides, i wasnt even sure they were touching the chair. apparently touching one's brother is a serious violation of the boy code.

thanks for a great session. i cant wait to pat your you again. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

christian 3 | dallas child photographer

you know when you see the perfect picture of a beautiful child and you think, "wow." we have all seen them and if you are anything like me, i catch myself thinking on occasion, "i want to capture one of my children like that."

when i met this mom, she had but one request: try not to make my kids look like models. just kids.

no problem, i thought. kids will be kids, you know and unless they like to pose, i just follow along and catch what they give me. then these three get out of the car. HA! try not to take pictures where they look like models...hmmm? that proved to be impossible. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

and its funny, too, because not one of these kids was remotely interested in having pictures taken. they were polite and put up with me, but they were absolutely not "into the experience." so much so that dad sent me an email hoping that we were able to get one good one. just one.

well, i might be biased, but i think we hit the mark. look at how these kids just sparkle. and... i must apologize to the other families awaiting a peek of their session, but i felt the need to take this family out of turn and post some images for them to see. the best part? there is more to come!

till then...


Monday, September 22, 2008

commercial shoot | dallas child photographer

a couple weeks ago i had the opportunity to photograph some kids for a commercial advertising contest. a car dealership in the DFW area held a contest where we photographed kids that came by, with the cars, in the cars, and on the cars. one of the photos will be selected for the dealership's advertising campaign.

while we have not made a decision as to which photo we like the most - all of the kids were so very cute - i thought i should share a few of our fly-by-just-for-fun shots so you can see some of the beautiful faces that came my way.

they were such troopers. it was hot. it was humid. most of the photos were in direct sun and the cars were a bit toasty. but you would never know it from looking at the photographs because the kids handled it all so well.

and! there was this great company - i will have to look up their name for you - that showed up with a ginormous trailer that they had converted to a video mecca. they had flat screens on the wall, these great old-diner-looking chairs and a plethora of the most popular video games out there. ok, so here i was, all set up and waiting for the kids to arrive when my husband says, "hey, let's go check this video thing out." thats all it took. the owner of the coolest trailer in the world sets us up with band hero...or was it guitar hero?...well, for my purposes, it doesnt matter. i am now hooked and ready to get myself an early christmas present. that was the most fun ever! yeah, ok, so i lost the first dual against my husband, but i just chalk that up to never having played before. i am happy to report that my the second head-to-head combat round, i was the clear winner and plan on keeping my title of "queen supreme video guitar player."

you will have to check out the shoot i did yesterday of these kids - when i have time to post! - because they too are band hero officianados. we were able to incorporate their video equipment in some really fun shots. more on those later.

as for the commercial shoot...thanks guys, it was fun!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

two sisters | dallas child photographer

this session was one of significance. the cute girly below (the oldest one) had plans to cut off all of her hair the very next day. she donated it. how wonderful is this kid? and, how beautiful is her hair? mom wanted to make sure she had plenty of pictures before the big salon visit and the little one came along for the ride.

you may recognize these kids since they are but two of the "johnson family 11" that I am lucky enough to photograph once every couple months or so. this family is great and willing to go any where, try just about anything to get something different than we have gotten before. and, check out the awesome tutu and top created by the amazing tutu-la-roo. i love these things.

thanks guys. until next time... :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

star burst | dallas child photographer

it was late last night when i finally looked up from editing to see my 4 year old sitting with her dad on the couch, at attention and with great interest, watching star wars on t.v. my first instinct was to change the channel. afterall, i saw the movie when it first made its debut and i was in the first grade? (wow, am i that old?) and i was scared. i remember sitting in that movie theater chair, my arms tightly wrapped around my knees, sitting in a fetal-like position, hiding my eyes at every flash of light - which was like every 1/2 second or 2, right?

well, that was then. my little 4 year old had an entirely different take on that very same movie that made me hide eyes. i walked into the living room and asked her what she was watching and her response tickled me so much, i had to jot it down. when i woke up this morning, i was still laughing about how cute and excited and serious she was, i just had to share.

"Hey Gracie, whatcha watching?"

"Mom!! this is star burst and i know about this movie. do you wanna know about this movie?Well, there's a yellow robot who has a giant furry dog and a little old hairy guy who is a grand-papa and this movie is about people and robots with mean people and old nice people and I really just dont know what that big dog is supposed to do, ya know? There is a tall black robot who has a cape and doesnt move his mouth and that's kinda weird. He has a shooty thingy because he's mean but mom, i really just dont know what that dog does, ya know? he doesnt even sound like a dog."

i just love it when my kids present the world for me to see with a different set of eyes. it always looks better from their perspective and a whole lot more entertaining than anything i could ever come up with. and shes right, just what is that big dog supposed to do anyway?
peace and love

Sunday, September 7, 2008

best intentions | dallas child photographer

i should have known enough to not openly and boldly claim that i was going to post every day for a week. i mean, c'mon who was i kidding? in retrospect, i think i was tempting the fates and my challenge did not go unnoticed. merely a few days later after i was on a roll - having posted three whole times in a row! - my entire household caught a cold, stopped sleeping through the night, and my 4 year old tripped and fell falling head first onto the corner of a wall. hopefully one day the ginormous purple and yellow colored ostrich egg (it is he-uge) on her forehead will go away.

you know at the first of each new year we all make those resolutions to do something big, great and daring? then a month goes by, maybe two and we (maybe just me?) start thinking, "Well ok, maybe my goal was a bit lofty." well, my noble intention of posting every day still has momentum, but it needs a bit of tweaking considering the events of the last few days. so, i will boldly profess that i will post a bunch in the weeks to come, i just wont put a date on when. i have learned my lesson. :)

peace and health to all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

brother. sister. friends | dallas child photographer

it is always an interesting dynamic to watch siblings interact, especially if they are old enough to really inflict pain on each other. these two kids were what most parents hope their children will be to each other...friends. now, i am sure they have their moments, but this pair actually like each other and it shows. they were so funny and i loved this session because i did nothing but watch. i was a fly on the wall most of the time. i didnt have to "help" them interract with each other. if i just sat back and let them be them, this is how they were...friends.

i love that about them.