Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my 3 sons | dallas child photographer

this entire shoot could be summed up by saying that after each shot, i had to resist the urge to touch their hair! the curlz that these boys have are so...unfair. i was supposed to have hair like this, i have decided, so i have such a soft spot for people with gorgeous hair.

their faces are so sweet you would never know by looking at them that the temperature that day was over 90 degrees and the humidity was "swampish." ahhhh, texas weather is great, isnt it? probably a good thing, though, because i could have taken picture after picture of these boys. to top it off, they were so sweet and fun.

i love my job.

this little man informed me as we were walking by the numbers on the wall that he just turned 4! perfect.

ok, so maybe you had to be there, but this was so funny. i put this chair down and asked if they would be willing to sit together. immediately i get an emphatic, "no! ewww. no way." but they did it they were protesting. when they sat down, however, they were so far apart and on opposite sides, i wasnt even sure they were touching the chair. apparently touching one's brother is a serious violation of the boy code.

thanks for a great session. i cant wait to pat your you again. :)


sharon said...

Beautiful children captured well!