Thursday, September 18, 2008

two sisters | dallas child photographer

this session was one of significance. the cute girly below (the oldest one) had plans to cut off all of her hair the very next day. she donated it. how wonderful is this kid? and, how beautiful is her hair? mom wanted to make sure she had plenty of pictures before the big salon visit and the little one came along for the ride.

you may recognize these kids since they are but two of the "johnson family 11" that I am lucky enough to photograph once every couple months or so. this family is great and willing to go any where, try just about anything to get something different than we have gotten before. and, check out the awesome tutu and top created by the amazing tutu-la-roo. i love these things.

thanks guys. until next time... :)


Anonymous said...

I love these kids!!!!!!!!!! Bella looks fabulous! I am so jealous my sister has such easy access to you. My baby is growing up so fast. I saw that pic of Bella and saw the woman she will be. She looks wise and serene in those pictures (and I know it was not the best weather and some rough photographing that day). What a great photographer you are! And Vivi looks so "vivi" if you know what I mean. I'm still trying to make it there for a visit and some pics, but life has intervened. You're also more than welcome to visit here! Don't come in June, July, Aug unless you want to pretend you are in a sunshine filled sauna. :)

Laurie (Aunt Wally)

Theresa said...

Thanks Laurie! I love these kiddos, too. Throw in Greta and I could photograph these kids all day.

Well, you know that once you are able to make it this way, I will make space for you in my schedule. I still havent ruled out coming your direction. If you can find at least 5 others who are interested in a session I would make it a priority to get myself to you. I am starting to travel to other cities - just did a Utah trip in July - and would LOVE to head your way. It would be just beautiful to shoot there.

Thanks again for your support and kind words and look forward to seeing you soon.