Thursday, November 13, 2008

legacy dance center | dallas child photographer

this session was definitely action packed. 2 bitty little girls in fluffy tutus from tutu-la-roo, at what was supposed to be a shoot in a cupcake shop. well, the shop didn't work out as expected so i scambled to find another interesting place to go. low and behold, just a few steps away was the chic salon, the green peridot and as i walked by their window, i fell in love with their ultra-cool chair. these people rocked. they allowed us to haul their ultra-cool chair outside, have 2 bitty little kids crawl all over it, and even allowed the kids to hang out inside the salon for a bit. thank you!!

this session was for pamela purcel's new dance studio, legacy dance center. this lady is awesome and so great to work with. you will have to check out her dance history on her site because she is amazingly talented. then, you will have to stop by her studio soon to see a display of herd of birdz photos!

taylor girls | dallas child photographer

i loved this session with these 2. they had great hair (my sister is a red-head and i have a soft spot for red-heads), their skin was to die for picking up all this really great light, and they were goof balls (of which i am one, so i guess i have a soft spot for goof balls, too). it was a lot of fun. they made fun. thanks again, girls. you are both beautiful inside and out!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

and monkey makes three | dallas child photographer

although "monkey" was not intended to take part in the session today, she had a job to do and she did it well. this little miss was so bubbly and sweet as long as monkey was close. and who knew monkey was so photogenic!

this family was so sweet and these girls were so cute. the little one just couldn't bear to sit on her bottom because it was dirty on the sidewalk...we were downtown and she was we compromised and she sat on her knees. i didnt know there were children out there who liked being clean. they certainly dont live in my house.

i know that i will have to post more of this family, but mom, here is a quick look at what we did when you werent looking. :)

thanks for sharing your family with me today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008 | dallas child photographer

this cutie-pie was a kick in the pants. she was so much fun!!! goofy, patient, involved and just such an easy kiddo to be around. she's the kind of kid you could travel around the world with and have a great time. kids like these are why i love my job.

thank you for a great day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

jammin downtown | dallas family photographer

so my mom calls me and mildly scolds because i havent kept up with my blogging. she was right to scold...did i just say that?...i have done a poor job of posting.

as my fellow photographers will attest, tis the season. crazy. once october arrives, the season kicks off like racehorses on the track. and while it has been a great ride and i have met so many fabulous people, i do not have enough time to blog each session. so, i will start fresh. i will appease my mother :) and share this family with you.

these people are some of the coolest around, and some of my favorites. of course it helps that mom delivered my third child, dad is the hippest pediatrician around and Will, the middle kiddo...well, i am trying to figure out how to work out an arranged marriage between him and my Gracie. :)

when they approached me to do a family shoot, little did i know that we would be the most happenin' street act with dad on guitar - he was in a band in his other life - one on bongos, one with the yukalele and another on tamborine.

fun. fun. fun.

thanks guys, i had a BLAST!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

witches, fancies and heroes | dallas child photographer

this halloween marked a growing pain of sorts for oldest "birdie" flew the coop and traded trick-or-treating with mom and gang for an evening of revved-up-trick-or-treating-run-from-house-to-house-to-gather-as-much-loot-as-possible with a group of friends.

really, can those other kids be that much fun? i'm fun. i missed her. (whine)

once the costume made it onto her body, she couldn't get out the door fast enough. i practically had to hold her down to get one measly photo..."a memory for when i am old and can't remember your name anymore. this photo will help me..." I told her. "oh, fine" she conceded and then added "but mom, you are already old and your memory isnt that great you know. you better take lots of pictures, just not right now. i have to go."

funny, isnt she?

we decided to take a more creative approach to costumes this year. i called it the mom-is-too-busy-to-sew-three-costumes plan. emily dug through the costume cache and became a witch. gracie was an urban bumblebee of sorts, till she said she was naked because she didnt have wings, so on went the ladybug wings. emily and grace announced that they had decided ben was going to be "captain underpants." he wore his briefs proudly, like any superhero would!

the first house we always hit is just a stone's throw away from ours. every year they have the coolest set-up. whimzy, scary and fun all at the same time. it really puts all other houses to shame.

so, without em, the two little ones and my neice kept us "old folks" entertained with their vibrance, excitement and squeezie cuteness as they skipped, danced and trotted from house to house in search of the next sugar rush.

the one above reminds me of the old cartoons... "wonder-twins activate!!!"