Sunday, May 17, 2009

"i love you good" | dallas child photographer

is it possible to love your child too much?

you know, we were done having kids after our second child. 2 girls. it was perfect. an even number. pink and purple and flowers and nail polish invaded every nook and cranny in our home. it worked.

then we had our son. i remember when the doctor told me that we were having a boy. ok, it was a bit of a suprise that i was even in the doctor's office having an ultrasound for my third child - we done after 2 remember - but a boy? my mind flooded. how would this change the dynamic with the girls and their dad? would he bond more with a son than with his girls? how would this disrupt things? a boy? what was i supposed to do with a boy? to my suprise, my husband's reaction was much the same...a boy? but we were so good with girls...

then this beautiful baby came into our lives and changed it forever. we were complete. somehow, before, we werent. but now we were. he is the bridge between the girls. he is the baby. he is strong but he is sweet. and he just knows how to speak right to my heart.

this is common in our daily routine right now...

"i love you ben"
"i love you too momma"
"but i love you more"
as he grabs me by the cheeks with both of his hands and lays his cheek against mine, he says, "but i love you good."

and my heart is full.....


Natalie K Photography said...

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and have a feeling it is a boy....we already have two girls. The way you talk about your son brought tears to my eyes. He is beautiful and I am so glad you all are blessed with his presence!!

Theresa said...

thank you. he is the sweetest thing. i didn't think i would know what to do with a busy boy...but in all his buzzing around, he seems to bring a sweet calming to our lives as well.
good luck with your baby and congratulations!

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