Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i'm melting | dallas child photographer

i cant believe how hot it was on this morning. one of the kids asked me if i had ever seen the wizard of oz...and said we were all like the scene with the witch..."i'm mellllllting! what a world, what a world!"as we disappear into the ground.

pretty much.

these guys were so cute though. and this little man...he is my new boyfriend. :) he had these dimples that i swear touched each other on the inside when he smiled. and his laugh...infectious! when i told him that i was claiming him as my new boyfriend, he paused, thought about it for a second and said, "that would be ok with me," then gave me the absolute best smile.

have fun at the beach! you will have to tell me about all you fantastic adventures...just dont get a new girlfriend! :)

i LOVE that he walked right up to his mom and attacked her with a kiss from behind.


Ava Hill said...

Your work is fantastic!

Theresa said...

thank you ava :)