Saturday, August 15, 2009

cool | dallas family photographer

i dont get an opportunity to take pictures of this sort very often so this was really cool. we were at the olympic oval in salt lake city where he is training. i thought chasing toddlers was tough to get a focus on...these guys come hauling around those turns and most of it is a blur to my eye let alone through my camera lens.

did you know that the skates on a speed skate are razor sharp? or that the blade isnt solidly attached like a figure skate? it is attached (my words, my lame definition) at the front and it snaps up with a quickness when the skater lifts his heel. i almost didnt catch it until i caught it on camera and realized that was the cracking sound i heard as they came whipping around the ice.

very groovy to watch. these people are amazing. i didnt see one wobbly ankle!! :)