Wednesday, September 30, 2009

our angel...| dallas child photographer

is back and getting so big and this time she brought her daddy with her! last time she visited me her daddy was far away and his safety was always a concern. she was such a bitty little thing then. now look at her...and her cute daddy who has made it home safe and sound. arent they cute?

i was so happy to see get a few squeezes in...and was even more excited to learn that this session was a suprise for mom, who was at home alone for a few days for some much needed rest. mom was gonna' have another baby! so this session was a suprise to be opened months later when the baby arrived.

there were some complications with the pregnancy and some complications with delivery and the baby came very early...8 weeks early. she was in some serious trouble for awhile and although she isnt out of the woods, she is improving.

i was so touched to hear that baby olivia has some of these pictures lining her isolette. mom wanted this baby to know that she belonged. she mattered. there was a world beyond tubes and doctors and tests waiting for her when she was ready. she was loved. it brought tears to my eyes when i heard.

i love this family. when dad was fighting for our country in iraq i spent who knows how long hoping he would come home soon, safely. and now, i think of them often and send out all the positive energy i can for this new little baby who i am certain is every bit as squeezie as her sister.

thank you for continuing to allow me to be a part of your sweet family. and when you are able, you get that baby to me so that we can do a session of your entire family, now that it is complete. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

grandpa's farm | dallas child photographer

i get this phone call one day. a mom of 3 wants to know if i will caravan with her family to oklahoma one weekend to take pictures of her kids on her grandfather's farm. her grandfather passed away some time ago and this property holds a lot of memories for her and i think that it sounds really great, so let's do it!

there's a catch. the property is no longer in her family and she isn't sure who is living there or whether they will actually allow us to take pictures at 8 am on a sunday. so the plan was to drive for hours with 3 little kids and the hope that we will accomplish our objective. hmmm.... i remember smiling and thinking that this is the sort of thing that i would most definitely do!!

so we get up there and park in front of the property. we are out in the country, on a dirt road. there are like 4 cars/trucks parked on the lawn. a huge dog chained to an out-building, a bitty little dog outside in a kennel and a mess of dogs barking in the house. as the mom heads up to the front door of the house with a look of determination, her husband and i notice a bumper sticker on one of the trucks that makes me worry about the sanity of what we were attempting to do...and our safety!!

funny thing was, no one answered the door. so we start out by taking a few pictures with the property in the background...then we move a little onto the property...then a little more...until we are taking pictures all over the place. the dogs never stopped barking in the 2 hours that we were there! no one ever came to the door. i figured that they must be nursing one he-uge hangover :)

these kids were such trooopers. it was muddy. it started to get hot and we had knit hats, tights, jeans, vests!!! the oldest cutie-pie was just squeezie. i thought he was the cutest thing and he could play the guitar like nobody's business. it was amazing. i couldnt stop taking pictures of him, poor little thing.

his little cute. so fair and creamy. her eyes were the bluest blue. i love that age.

then there was my friend. i asked his name and he tells me W-Y-A-double T! ha! made me think of Tigger (T-I-double gu-rrr). i laughed all morning about that.

thanks family for a special treat. i love road trips and your kids are amazing. i couldnt decide which pictures i wanted to post so i posted a BUNCH! it was a great morning spiced with devious adventure :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

downtown | dallas child photographer

my first set of twins! these 2 little bugs were so itty bitty and their sister was so cute with them.

big sister was a little nervous having some strange lady {that would be me} shoving a black box in her face {my camera} all morning. go figure! so to ease her into my world of crazy, she needed a friend...her toy fish. in most of her pictures you can see that little yellow fishy...unless i have strategically cropped it out.

mr. man was ever so stylish and i would have to say "politely" on the go. he was very kind and gentle but he was a man with a mission. a mission to go wherever i was not. but, as you can see, we made friends and thank goodness because he has a face worth sharing. so handsome.

then there was this little bug below. so quiet. so sweet and so fair skinned!! she was just as cute as they come and i will tell you that she has a bit of spunk hidden beneath all that sweetness.

thanks for a great morning!

is this sort of like a sucker lick from afar?

colorado trio | utah family photographer

this family was groovy. i love it when people show up and say, "just tell me what to wear, what to do...." the world really is our oyster at that point. and...they drove all the way from colorado to meet me while i was in park city, utah. how cool is that?

i grew up in park city and to have the opportunity to take some pictures while i was there was really fun for me. we were all over the place.

i have to tell you that these kids were amazing. they were the right mix of polite, respectful and crazy goofy but not just with me. they were all those things with their mom. i loved that.

it was such a relaxed, kicked-back session despite the fact that there was a ginormous muscle-car show all along main street with an explosion of people buzzing all around and we were in a holding pattern for a couple hours because the weather suddenly turned cold and very wet.

thank you for sharing your morning with me, braving the rain, the people and the cars. i had a great time. but, before i stop rambling on, i have to say, diana you look fabulous!! (in case you were confused, the mom is the 3rd photo down!!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

cool utah senior | utah senior photographer

first let me start by saying...when you have a soccer tournament all day in the sun and a photo shoot the next day, APPLY SUNSCREEN!! :) (just poking fun atcha mo')

this was one of the sessions i had while we were in utah and these folks took me to the coolest was like a train museum/graveyard. all these trains had the most interesting features like very colorful peeling paint or interesting wheels. there were hardly any people around which was really great since "mo" and i were singing lady gaga because she forgot her ipod!! good grief.. :)

thanks for a great afternoon. we danced on the sidewalks, twirled our way past stores, sang off key and laughed. my favorite kind of session.

so for those of you who know this she not a scary replica of her mom?

all i said was, "look over here" and this is what i get...

such GREAT eyes...

hope to see you guys when were are in town over christmas!

Friday, September 11, 2009

just in time |dallas family photographer

love these kids.

i met this family last year and we became friends. love their mom, love their spunk and we have so much fun when we are together. we had talked about another shoot for some time, but never set a date...until...cameron and her brother were playing and almost knocked out her first tooth. it was hanging on just long enough for us to get one last picture of her with all her baby teeth.

i just have to say that this feisty little thing has a special place with me. she is so much like my gracie i would swear they were 2 twinkies from the same package. they look alike, they are the same age, they have found their voice and they both have a little "mafia" in their soul. what you see is this pretty little sweetness. what you dont see is her stalking around with a giant pout on her face pounding on her brother. LOVE IT!

dont you just love mom's childhood doll? i am going to dig mine out this weekend.