Monday, October 19, 2009

what a trooper | dallas child photographer

this kid was such a trooper.

the minute his mother pulled up in the car, i was off and running - as usual -dragging out clothes and chattering away. but he seemed to have a bit of a different speed...sloooow mooootion! he was polite and accommodating but moving like he was in a fog. this, of course, made me want to "reach him" all the more. mom apologized more than once saying this wasn't the norm for this kid and i took one huge breath and didnt stop talking the entire time. poor kid...

by the end of our session, mom pleaded, "do you think you got one good one?" i would say so! especially since the kid had PNEUMONIA during our shoot!!

i get a call from his mom a week after our session wondering, again, if there was any way we were able to get a half-decent picture. she told me that although he never complained that he wasnt feeling well, later that day they found out that the poor kid had pneumonia. good grief! apparently he has been quite ill...but i am happy to say that he is on the mend. :)

thank you for putting up with me. your pictures are so cool and i cant wait for you to see the rest. the fact that your session went so well and your images are amazing makes me all excited to do a shoot with you when you are actually in top form!!

isnt he handsome?