Saturday, May 1, 2010

i see spots | dallas child photographer

i have know this girlie since she was itty-bitty. she is sweet and quiet and ever so well behaved. and when i am handed these wonderful kids, i see it as a quest. a personal challenge to un-hinge them to the point of pure goofy. nutty. wacky joke telling and giggling at its best.

this kiddo did not disappoint. it took a minute, but she was definitely silly. it was a bit chilly on this particular morning and the poor little thing was in a tank top, not an ounce of fluff to her to even keep her warm. so after i quickly took a few pictures, she says to me, "so, did you get what you needed? can we go to lunch now or do you need another joke?" HA!

can you believe all those delicious freckles?


PumpkinPeters said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting these; I've been waiting to see some highlights of our friend.