Tuesday, August 31, 2010

schuch | dallas family photographer

i met this family at their home before our session. we talked about clothes, put together outfits and stole furniture from their back yard to take along. they were all so chatty and active and i just knew this would be a great session. but, i knew this group was fabulous when dad whipped out the iron - unsolicited {!!} - and "freshened up" one of the girl's dresses!! LOVED that :)

mom and dad were so much fun and the kids...well, how cute are they? check out little missy throwing me the "vogue pose!"

i LoVed that mom and dad were game for anything. i LoVed that the kids were so cool and polite and goofy. i LoVed that it was about 2 degrees cooler than miserable, i had a river running down my back {hot} and they look like they were frolicking at the beach...and...well...i LoVed that dad was every bit a part of this session as anyone. he ironed. unsolicited!! ...just sayin'

thanks guys! i cant wait to do it again...

Monday, August 30, 2010

my little squaw | dallas child photographer

my little bug was asking about her Cherokee heritage. her paternal great-grandmother was Cherokee. one day she comes out after digging around in the dress up drawer and asks me if she did a good job and would "they" let her into the tribe.

i think she did swimmingly. in fact, she looks so much like her grandmother, its scary. now whether she would be invited to the tribe would likely depend upon whether they could handle her mischevious side...you can just see it...

it was quite early, the sun wasnt even out yet and the light was so yellow. it was perfect! and, of course, my smallest bug had to get in on the action.

i just love their sweet faces!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the cutest sisters | dallas family photographer

it was cool to see how much these little people had changed since last fall, and, how much they were so very much the same. same personalities. same fire in their bellies. same sweet faces. they were all so cute and the interaction between them - the ever patient older sister and the sweet connection between the twins - was fun to watch.

this time around we decided to schedule our session just before the sun went down. with 3 active kids we werent sure how much we would catch before the light disappeared altogether - and, with the fire ant incident...well...we werent sure that we were going to accomplish much at all!

i have to say that i just LOVE the warm yellow light just before the sun sets. it makes me happy.

thanks guys for another fun session. i am already looking forward to next time :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mr. t | dallas child photographer

i had the privilege of meeting this sweet face last year when we embraced the city streets for our session. this little guy was so quiet and complacent. sweet and reserved. his sisters were so much more chatty and willing to be in front of my camera that i found myself spending just a little more time with him...to draw him out. eventually, i did find that smile. ultimately though, it had nothing to do with me. it had everything to do with tootsie-roll.

this year, when mom called, i knew he was going to make me work for that awesome smile. so, when we trudged out into the field and the little guy parked on a fire ant pile, i knew it was over. his face was streaked with tears and he was ready to "hit the road jack, and dontcha come back no more, no more, no more no more..." i figured i might get a cute picture while he wasnt looking, but...

then he spied my little airplane. of course he could hold it, fly it, play with it. i started running backward, in a field, with potholes and twigs just waiting to snag my feet and send me toppling over while he flew the plane faster and faster. it was the least i could do! ant bites are ghastly and i hoped to catch "just one" cute picture.

well, mission accomplished!

this was, of course, a sibling photo session and i will definitely post more because his sisters are adorable. but i felt that this little guy endured quite a bit at the hands of mother nature, triumphed and was so brave that he deserved his moment of recognition!

what a face!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

eyes | dallas child photographer

this cutie-pie visited me to update her headshots. when she stepped out of the car all i could think was "holy sand cow!! look at those eyes!!!"

she is just stunning...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

happy 10th!! | dallas family photographer

i want to introduce you to a super cool family that i met not too long ago. this is the house we all wanted to hang out at as kids. they have a real snow cone machine that seems to run all the time. with the music blaring, the pool inviting and mom offering to make "fun" food i think i am moving in...today! in fact, i just heard about a tradition they have that i think i have to copy. they have "rock star wednesdays." the kids get to dictate what they do as a family from the time they wake up till the time they go to sleep. zoo in the morning? cool, let's do it. movies in the afternoon? grab the popcorn! dinner out? absolutely! fun, fun, fun.

so when mom and dad wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary with some family photos i knew this would be a session a little left of center {a good thing in my book}. mom had it all planned out, i just had to show up with the camera. i pulled up at 6:30 am on a sunday, the boys were still in bed and mom was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. when the boys stumbled out, sleep still in their eyes i had to chuckle. they had on their swimsuits, their arms still bearing the marks of their swim meet the day before.

it was all very fitting considering the adult attire. mom and dad were married on the beach, then at the end of the ceremony, jumped into the water. LOVE. IT. the boys were delightful and sweet. mom and dad looked great {10 years and they can still look this great in their wedding clothes?!} and can you tell mom was a cheerleader "back in the day?" good grief! :)

it was fun. happy anniversary!!

sauve | dallas child photographer

this little guy needed to update his headshots, so we had a quick session to do exactly that. after meeting him, i have to say that he is THE. FUNNIEST. 5 year-old i have ever met. in fact, i was laughing so hard at one point that i had tears streaming down my face and a few shots were just as blurry as they could be.

i tell you, everyone needs to meet a kid like this kid. sure he is cute. yes, he will likely grace many a magazine cover with that charming face of his. but, it is his sense of humor that has me laughing still.

LOVED our session, little man. call me again soon if for no other reason than to chit-chat!

being a 5 year-old action figure

he says to me "get a shot of my serious face! people will love this..."

Friday, August 13, 2010

cute family | dallas family photographer

whew! we are now at the end of the summer and i cant believe how fast it has flown by. it seems like i have been "running and gunning" since june meeting fun new/ previous clients as well as keeping up with my own herd through summer activities. swimming, crafts, visiting family, swimming more and essentially trying to stay out of the blasted heat. if you live in our area, the term "africa HOT" actually means something. We are on day umteen at triple digit temperatures with a "feel index" of 110+.


so, here i am taking cover in my air conditioned home that is just a hair cooler than heat-stroke attempting to update. i have so many families that i want to share with you but will start with this wacky group.

i love this family. i first met these fantastic people a couple years ago and loved them immediately. they are so cute together and the kids are just...edible! when dad made his own appointment for a second session as a suprise for mom, my heart swelled.

i heard that they were expecting a second baby and couldnt wait to get my hands - and camera - on this bitty little creature who was surely as precious as her sister. i had to wait a bit longer than expected, though. the delivery was...complicated. they almost lost the baby. although she pulled through and was fighting like crazy, her improvements were not encouraging. then, all of a sudden here was my cute little family from south carolina, calling me for a session. the baby was responding, she was off support and she was starting to show signs of interacting with familiar faces.

as you can see from the photos, the baby is beautiful. the family is together and as fun as ever.

thank you, my sweet family, for allowing me to share your lives and continue to watch your children grow. you are all so dear to me!

till next time...