Saturday, August 14, 2010

sauve | dallas child photographer

this little guy needed to update his headshots, so we had a quick session to do exactly that. after meeting him, i have to say that he is THE. FUNNIEST. 5 year-old i have ever met. in fact, i was laughing so hard at one point that i had tears streaming down my face and a few shots were just as blurry as they could be.

i tell you, everyone needs to meet a kid like this kid. sure he is cute. yes, he will likely grace many a magazine cover with that charming face of his. but, it is his sense of humor that has me laughing still.

LOVED our session, little man. call me again soon if for no other reason than to chit-chat!

being a 5 year-old action figure

he says to me "get a shot of my serious face! people will love this..."


Wildwood Flower said...

He is so unbelivable cute! In some years all the girls will love him and the girls mothers will think of him as the perfect son in law ;-)

He remembers me of the funny little boy at our local carnival this year. I wanted to take a picture of him, but he just smiled and said: "What would you say, if I'll take a picture of you?"

Theresa said...

so right! he was such a ham.