Tuesday, August 31, 2010

schuch | dallas family photographer

i met this family at their home before our session. we talked about clothes, put together outfits and stole furniture from their back yard to take along. they were all so chatty and active and i just knew this would be a great session. but, i knew this group was fabulous when dad whipped out the iron - unsolicited {!!} - and "freshened up" one of the girl's dresses!! LOVED that :)

mom and dad were so much fun and the kids...well, how cute are they? check out little missy throwing me the "vogue pose!"

i LoVed that mom and dad were game for anything. i LoVed that the kids were so cool and polite and goofy. i LoVed that it was about 2 degrees cooler than miserable, i had a river running down my back {hot} and they look like they were frolicking at the beach...and...well...i LoVed that dad was every bit a part of this session as anyone. he ironed. unsolicited!! ...just sayin'

thanks guys! i cant wait to do it again...