Friday, November 4, 2011

sweet face | dallas family photographer

this is what i am working on for today. what a sweet face. more to come but i had to put this sweetie-pie up here for mom to see.

such a soulful look for such a little bug.

Monday, September 12, 2011

horton hears a who | frisco child photographer

i walked into an estate sale and immediately fell in love with this hat. i guess the woman who owned this hat wore hats as a matter of practice {which i LoVE} and had a selection of unique and well loved items.

when i saw this hat i immediately thought of my feist little bean. she really enjoys hamming for the camera, always asking for a "just me" photo shoot, and this hat just seemed to fit her personality.

the session was short {ghastly heat, stickers with teeth, and fire ants} but she was so funny i didnt need more than a handful of minutes to get some "keepers."

doesnt the little puffball remind you of the puff on horton hears a who?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"c" words | dallas family photographer

i met this sweet person during our adventures in england last month. i cant wait for her mother to see this post so that she will know some of what we were "up to" one evening while we were supposed to be admiring the sheep. :)

just a few things i learned while in england:

1. england has the nicest people. period.
2. england has the fluffiest sheep and they are everywhere.
3. everyone has a stunning garden with stunning flowers. ev-ery-one!

this family was so generous and so kind to invite my kiddo and i to share dinner in their home. we loved on their new baby kitties, oohed over the fluffy sheep and took an evening stroll in a lovely village. we also played a game of "C" words...the kids came up with cat, cheese, capture. things like that. i added cutaneous, because subcutaneous is kind of a favorite word of mine. it has such a cool sound as it rolls off the tongue :) but while i was feeling all cool and fancy because i threw out my favorite word, this fine english gentleman threw out a zinger that left his wife 10 shades of red and me at a loss for words...which doesnt often happen. i caught his "awww, shucks" moment just after he contributed his, ummmm, word as i was practically hysterical with laughter. i am amazed the picture is in focus because all i saw was a blur!

thank you soooo much for making us feel at home. we had the best time and made some new friends! till next time.....

Friday, July 1, 2011

summer fun | wylie family photographer

relaxed. fun. lauging. more laughing. lots of pretty sun.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

fat baby | dallas family photographer

it makes me laugh when i meet families who have a sense of humor...about themselves.

i have photographed this family a few times and we always find something to laugh about...but this time i couldnt stop laughing. their newest addition is the smiley-est, squishy-est baby and a kick in the pants all on his own. but what had me giggling the entire session was the family "pet name" for the baby..."fat baby." he actually responds when he hears this...and smiles!

this baby is a chunk-o-munk. the other kids are average to small...then there is "fat baby," said with a louisiana drawl. when dad turned him upside down, this baby's eyes all but disappeared under his cheeks. {giggle}

they are going to have to find a new nickname because i get the feeling that when this baby starts walking, he is going to turn that chunk into muscle and be a force to recon with. :) funny is it that dad is so trying to win this race?

thanks for the fun, guys. always great to catch up and i cant wait till next time!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

sun-kissed | frisco child photographer

i love this time of year. not too hot, not too humid, not too many bugs and the sun truly feels like it is kissing your skin.

this day was perfect.

as i started to get my trusty camera ready for the session, it became very clear that my window of opportunity for pictures was going to be about 30 seconds. this kiddo was definitely not "into" having his picture taken and made sure i knew where he stood on the matter. he was so serious and no matter what i tried, he gave me the "stink-eye."

until i found his magic and away we went. gads, he was so funny! kids are simply magical when they laugh and tell stories and play. ours was not the longest session but it had to be one of my most satisfying. every indication told me that this was not going to be fun...for either of us... but in the end we were rolling in the weeds laughing.

i have to admit, when you get right down to it, i am one goofy duck. i have no shame. i am one of "them." i may be...well, older than 20...but deep down i am about 10 years old with mud on my face, shoes untied and cotton candy stuck in my hair. it might take me a minute, but eventually these kiddos recognize a fellow goof-ball, then all is good.

thank you, kind sir, for sharing some of your magic with me.

Friday, May 13, 2011

about to fly | frisco senior photographer

seniors are so much fun. the way they talk about their last year of high school and their college choice is riddled with excitement. they are a breath of fresh air and you just have to love that about them.

good luck next year, missy! you are going to have so much fun and your talents will take you far. i had a great time. come see me sometime... :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

miss a | frisco child photographer

my niece is such a goof-ball.

i grabbed her one afternoon and we headed out to take some photos then back to the house where we set up a "stage" and the kids became rock stars.

i miss seeing your face every day, abnerd. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

good day | frisco child photographer

do you ever feel "ho hum?" hesitant and cautious? maybe a little frustrated and annoyed? and THEN......

someone does the smallest, kindest thing and it turns your entire day around. i love that. thank you, stranger, for the genuine smile at exactly the right moment that tossed a little light in my direction.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

engagement | dallas family photographer

i just love how engaged people look at each other. sweet. kind. excited.

these two were so cute with each other and i had to laugh when a fleeting thought danced through my mind...are we all this patient with each other "in the beginning?" well, more specifically, i was thinking, "was i this kind and patient?" you know, in the beginning...a long long time ago? i am sure i was, i mean, am. :)

thank you for a fun afternoon and i wish you all the best!

miss t | dallas headshot photographer

i always love seeing this girlie. such a breeze to work with and i always feel warm and fuzzy inside after spending time with her and her fantastic mom.

you are beautiful, my dear.

see you in july!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

bluebonnets | wylie child photographer

you dont get any more last minute than this session. mom called me at 8am and wanted to take some bluebonnet pictures...that day! as luck would have it, it was overcast, my day was not packed and little finn was just as cute as he could be. i just love these little flowers. they dont last long but they sure are pretty.