Monday, April 4, 2011

monkey is back!! | dallas child photographer

i. LOVE. this. family. they are fun. they are easy and they are willing to try whatever crazy thought races through my mind while we are out and about during a session. but, i have to admit, i also LOVE monkey. when they first visited me, their youngest packed around monkey like an extra limb. he was attached. dad was adament that monkey was not going to show up in any of the photos. well, you can see who won that argument. i think monkey made it in most of the pictures back then but it was not without a fight :) when little missy came to see me this year, she brought the family...the whole family which is to say, she brought monkey. she was a bit older this time so monkey was not hanging off her arm every moment but i was happy to see him popping up here and there for a quick smooch or cuddle. it is so much fun for me to see how "my kids" change between sessions. they get so big and smart and funny! but with these 2, while they did sprout up, they didnt change a bit. one is still so accommodating and sweet and polite. the other is all that with some serious "spicy" added in for fun. thanks guys for coming to see me. and THANK YOU for bringing monkey. i missed him too! see you soon...