Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"c" words | dallas family photographer

i met this sweet person during our adventures in england last month. i cant wait for her mother to see this post so that she will know some of what we were "up to" one evening while we were supposed to be admiring the sheep. :)

just a few things i learned while in england:

1. england has the nicest people. period.
2. england has the fluffiest sheep and they are everywhere.
3. everyone has a stunning garden with stunning flowers. ev-ery-one!

this family was so generous and so kind to invite my kiddo and i to share dinner in their home. we loved on their new baby kitties, oohed over the fluffy sheep and took an evening stroll in a lovely village. we also played a game of "C" words...the kids came up with cat, cheese, capture. things like that. i added cutaneous, because subcutaneous is kind of a favorite word of mine. it has such a cool sound as it rolls off the tongue :) but while i was feeling all cool and fancy because i threw out my favorite word, this fine english gentleman threw out a zinger that left his wife 10 shades of red and me at a loss for words...which doesnt often happen. i caught his "awww, shucks" moment just after he contributed his, ummmm, word as i was practically hysterical with laughter. i am amazed the picture is in focus because all i saw was a blur!

thank you soooo much for making us feel at home. we had the best time and made some new friends! till next time.....