Sunday, January 15, 2012

valentine mini session | dallas child photographer

for the first time, Herd of Birdz is offering Valentine mini-sessions and we couldn't be more excited! i love the fall with the pumpkins and warm yummy drinks and the chill in the air and i love Christmas with the shopping and the festive music and excitement that seems to drive people. but once the craziness of the holiday season is over, the tree is down and folks hunker down to wait out the cold weather, there is Valentines day. i LoVE Valentines day {no pun intended} because it is fun, it is quick and it is pure indulgence. decorations and food and gifts dont need to be he-uge, just from the heart.

so that is exactly what we did for you! we came up with a quick, fun excuse to indulge in your sweetie. An opportunity for you to capture that newly missing tooth or cute hat from Santa and share a quick hug and smooch with all your friends and family as you deliver your fun Valentines!

Happy Heart Day!