Saturday, January 30, 2010

walk in the park | dallas child photographer

this had to be one of the most agreeable kiddos that i have ever worked with. i bugged him, and he just smiled. i put him in the middle of the street and it didnt even phase him. by the end of our session i was under an umbrella while he stood in the rain...and those images look every bit as great as the first.

i could take pictures of kids like this one all day every day. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

wicked cute | dallas family photographer

could these two be any cuter?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

M.I.A. - dallas child photographer

holy cow!

i was cruising along, enjoying november, when all of a sudden life happened. i had the opportunity to photograph a bunch o' families and a bunch o' kids. i turned 40 ( !!! ) and had one of the best birthday weekends i have ever had - (i will have to post some pictures. words just wont cut it). i went into editing overdrive and emerged just in time to enter the dangerous arena of "last minutes christmas shopping."

we spent christmas day in texas. our first ever. every year we load the kids in the car and make the trek to utah, my childhood home, to sled, ski, snowball fight and enjoy watching a good blizzard rage outside while we sit toasty warm by the wood burning stove. not this year. i have to admit that as the big day drew closer and closer my mood was...regretful? then, it snowed. the first frisco christmas eve snow storm in 30 years. i immediately turned on the gas fireplace, cranked up the christmas music and started baking. we even built a snowman...using the snow from our yard and the snow from our neighbor's yards...on both sides :)

i made lists on top of lists to help me sort through all of the changes i planned on making in our home (redecorating bedrooms, offices, garage), my business (new blog, re-vamped website, new packaging, new purchasing options), and in my life (start working out again, take more photos for me...for fun). then...

one day my first born sat me down and told me that she never sees me unless i am glued to my computer or camera. she missed me :(

so, the blogging, the camera and the lists quickly took a vacation. my kids and i started crafting. we baked. we shopped. we went to the grossology exhibit. we redecorated the kid's bedrooms and we laughed...a lot.

the whole balancing "thing" between working from home and family is a work in progress for me. i am admittedly a type-a overachiever kind of person, but once in awhile everyone has to slow down and take a look around. my mother has been telling me to do this for...ever? so i did, and it was great. but now it is time to "plug" myself back in.

i have not posted in quite some time, and i have a bunch to post. i am excited to share with you some of the incredible people i have had the priviledge to meet.