Saturday, October 31, 2009

kismet | dallas child photographer

have you ever met someone and felt immediately as though you've known them for ages? you immediately fall into a groove that is comfortable and fun and...familiar? kismet. that is how i felt when these two cuties met me downtown. i couldn't believe how much this little girl looked like my niece. they are the same age, have the same features and the same energy. we seemed to find our pace immediately. i could have taken pictures of her all day long. most of the kids i meet are fun and creative, but i have to say this one has that little "something" about her that is so endearing. we hopped. we skipped. we spoke in foreign accents and we laughed. good deep belly laughs and i had a really fun time.

and her squeezie is he? he has the most angelic face, and the sweetest baby curls...ahhh...i miss this age.

these parents were fantastically groovy and i want to thank them for allowing me to give this baby his first candy ever!! he was all over the sucker...fascinated by it really and it was fun to watch.

so allow me to introduce you to little missy and her irresistable brother. i feel like they are practically family :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009 | dallas child photographer

this little bug was spunky with a capital S! she was a bitty little thing but there wasn't anything small about her personality...and you know i love them that way.

when she climbed out of her car i couldnt resist...i had to touch her hair. she had the best hair. it was fun and springy and so very cute...just like her.

the best part was how she "was" with her daddy. dad was very tall. he was quiet. he was along for the ride. but when this bitty girlie climbed into her daddy's lap or hugged his leg, his face just lit up and i LOVE that.

thanks for coming out in the rain and fog cute family. i had a great time watching and listening to a piano serenade to elmo in the city streets. it doesnt get any better than that!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

spunk | dallas child photographer

this little one had spunk...what a live wire! i wish i had 1/2 her energy. and really, how many of us could run down the street with our tongues hanging out and look this cute?

till next time

Monday, October 19, 2009

too easy | dallas child photographer

sometimes a kid will climb out of the car just before the session starts and i know i have my work cut out for me. this was not one of those kids.

he was so easy. he seemed to have a calm within himself and everytime i looked his way all i saw was the perfect image. i almost didnt know what to do for a second! i didnt have to chase him down the road. i didnt even really need to engage him in conversation much to get him to look my way, he just seemed to know what to do. i could have done a dozen more wardrobe changes and several location changes and shot all day he was that easy. and friendly. and goofy. and incredibly cute.

i mean really...check out that face! and his eyes? good grief!

i think his mother better hold on tight to this one.......

what a trooper | dallas child photographer

this kid was such a trooper.

the minute his mother pulled up in the car, i was off and running - as usual -dragging out clothes and chattering away. but he seemed to have a bit of a different speed...sloooow mooootion! he was polite and accommodating but moving like he was in a fog. this, of course, made me want to "reach him" all the more. mom apologized more than once saying this wasn't the norm for this kid and i took one huge breath and didnt stop talking the entire time. poor kid...

by the end of our session, mom pleaded, "do you think you got one good one?" i would say so! especially since the kid had PNEUMONIA during our shoot!!

i get a call from his mom a week after our session wondering, again, if there was any way we were able to get a half-decent picture. she told me that although he never complained that he wasnt feeling well, later that day they found out that the poor kid had pneumonia. good grief! apparently he has been quite ill...but i am happy to say that he is on the mend. :)

thank you for putting up with me. your pictures are so cool and i cant wait for you to see the rest. the fact that your session went so well and your images are amazing makes me all excited to do a shoot with you when you are actually in top form!!

isnt he handsome?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

out of my box | dallas child photographer

i am trying something new. i am a natural light photographer which means that i dont use a flash when i take pictures but lately...i am interested in flash. hey, what can i say? i am always a work in progress.

so, a friend of mine - who happens to have all kinds of camera toys - graciously opened up his home to me and 2 pre-teen crazy kids {a.k.a my daughter and her good friend} for some much needed learnin'

i was definitely outside of my comfort zone, but i loved it! i feel like i learned so much. actually, i need to wrap this up quickly because we are headed back for another afternoon in the studio but i wanted to quickly post a few images of these kids.

me & flash...who da thunk?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

big girl | dallas child photographer

em has been gracious enough to model for me for a local boutique and their really fun clothes. i have to say that while this age is enough to really do me is also a lot of fun. to me, she is this moody pre-teen with a catchy mantra of "that's not fair!" or my personal fav of "YOU are not fair." then, i look at these photos and gasp. no little kid here. where did she go?

and, i become all emotional and start wondering how much time i have left until she decides i am no longer worth her time :(

thanks lovey. as always, you are a joy to photograph and even more fun to hang with. you are beautiful!