Sunday, March 21, 2010

my lovey | dallas child photographer

my little girlie just turned 12.

our labor and delivery was not smooth. it was a bit rough, actually. in fact, i was in so much pain and goofy from the medications that i didnt hold her for hours...until she finally landed with me. i remember holding this itty-bitty bundle and feeling such a warmth in my heart knowing that she was mine...for a was kind of scary how much i loved this kid.

she snuggled right into me and we seemed to have stayed that way ever since. you know how you hear people say' "oh, she's a daddy's girl?" well, this is my girl. we seem to have this connection. i love that.

she has changed so much. the blonde curls, cute lisp and chubby cheeks are long gone. but the night she turned 12 i snuck into her room while she was sleeping. she was snuggled under her mound of blankets, surrounded by her stuffed animals and clutching her baby. in the dark i could still see the baby she was. i could also see who she is becoming. i am excited for her journey. i am sad for the time that has passed.

i dont know. 12 seems...big, old, independent. she is such a wonderful person. i just hope that as she outgrows her "kid stuff" she just doesnt outgrow the need for a mom hug.

{sniff, sigh}

i love you lovey!!