Saturday, May 30, 2009

cute as a bug | dallas child photographer

could you just squeeze those babilicious cheeks? this little bug was the cutest, most independent little thing. and her brother? i could take him home. polite, fun, and super super sweet with his little sister. he is going to be a heart breaker some day.

2 amazing kids with eyes that just draw you in. love that.

thanks guys, it was fun. and your kids really are amazing.

not sure what happened here (above)...chalk it up to blog upload :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

vintage fun | dallas child photographer

this session was craaazy.

this little girlie and i went downtown to take some pictures of a cool and funky vintage dress that she had found. she absolutely looked like she belonged in this outfit and owned it while she wore it.

you would never know by looking at her sweet face that she was trying desperately not to scrunch up her nose to protect her senses from the horribly rancid smell eminating from the bushes right behind her...and...she was trying to fight off the world's most aggressive fly. just one. but it was the most annoying little thing. needless to say, we quickly got a few shots and moved to the nice area in the ecclectic part of downtown.

she was cute and crazy and fun. i love that. but most importantly, she humored me by wearing a long sleeved shirt in the baking heat.

hey, missy. i want your socks!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

technologically challenged

now i remember why it took me forever to put up a header photo. and, i now remember why it has taken me so long to update it. despite following the guidelines for sizing, this blog just wont let me upload an image properly!

now i am sure that this has nothing to do with user error :)

gads! computers frustrate me and until i figure it out...or more likely pay someone to bling my blog, my header will remain outside the boundaries of the alloted space.


sister fun | dallas teen photographer

quiet. boistrous. giddy. that pretty much sums up these three.

they wore me out! they were so into the session that although we had been at it for a long, long time, they kept shouting for more. "hey! take a picture of me over here!" "no! wait. take some more of me." you cant ask for better :) there wasnt a lot of me chasing a kiddo down to get a photo. in fact, i couldnt say no. i mean, c'mon...i had kids begging me to take their picture. that doesnt happen every day.

thanks girls for being so cooperative, so creative and so fun. i had fun. i cant wait for you to see your pictures because i know all of you are going to love them. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

mud pies | dallas child photographer

i love this kid. i first met her last year when her mom scheduled an urban session and little missy was the smiliest, goofiest most fun kiddo.

it has been almost a year, and i wondered if she would still be the same - now that she is big and all. she is definitely older. hair is longer. she is missing teeth. grown new teeth. and is a little more mature...

we have had quite a bit of rain lately and i figured if anyone could make the most of the weather conditions, it would be this kid...and she did not disappoint...even if she is older and more mature. :)

thank you kiddo for being one of the most fun kids i know and allowing me to share in your fun.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

all girl | dallas child photographer

this funny little girlie had so much to contend with on this shoot. first, she is a girl who is not fond of bugs and since we were in the tall grasses for quite a bit...well...

second, no one told me the kiddo was allergic to those tall grasses. the poor thing was itching and scratching and snotting and sneezing and watering (eyes) toward the last bit. by the time i figured it out, it was too late. :(

third, she is a goof and goofs are free spirits. anyone who knows a free spirit knows they are busy being free... i kept calling her a goof ball every third shot or so. after hearing me call her that for the 10th time, she insisted she simply had no idea why i would call her that. hmmm...i dont know, you be the judge (see the last picture)

miss were great fun and i must say that this first picture...well, i could look at it ALL DAY LONG. there is something about you that is captivating and dreamy and beautiful.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"i love you good" | dallas child photographer

is it possible to love your child too much?

you know, we were done having kids after our second child. 2 girls. it was perfect. an even number. pink and purple and flowers and nail polish invaded every nook and cranny in our home. it worked.

then we had our son. i remember when the doctor told me that we were having a boy. ok, it was a bit of a suprise that i was even in the doctor's office having an ultrasound for my third child - we done after 2 remember - but a boy? my mind flooded. how would this change the dynamic with the girls and their dad? would he bond more with a son than with his girls? how would this disrupt things? a boy? what was i supposed to do with a boy? to my suprise, my husband's reaction was much the same...a boy? but we were so good with girls...

then this beautiful baby came into our lives and changed it forever. we were complete. somehow, before, we werent. but now we were. he is the bridge between the girls. he is the baby. he is strong but he is sweet. and he just knows how to speak right to my heart.

this is common in our daily routine right now...

"i love you ben"
"i love you too momma"
"but i love you more"
as he grabs me by the cheeks with both of his hands and lays his cheek against mine, he says, "but i love you good."

and my heart is full.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

tough as they come | dallas commercial photographer

these three braved the rain, the texas wind (remember dorothy and the flying house?), and potty breaks in the wild to model this fun line. the fact that they couldn't stop "petting" the clothes is likely what kept them in the game despite the conditions to get the photos we needed. the really great part? we had a blast. we had loads of snacks and the largest collection of polly pockets known to man :)

we shot this line a few weeks ago and i blogged a couple images. the response was so huge that the designer gave us the red light on sharing any more images till now...can you believe that hat?! i swear, i am going to order the biggest size and make it fit me.