Thursday, May 21, 2009

all girl | dallas child photographer

this funny little girlie had so much to contend with on this shoot. first, she is a girl who is not fond of bugs and since we were in the tall grasses for quite a bit...well...

second, no one told me the kiddo was allergic to those tall grasses. the poor thing was itching and scratching and snotting and sneezing and watering (eyes) toward the last bit. by the time i figured it out, it was too late. :(

third, she is a goof and goofs are free spirits. anyone who knows a free spirit knows they are busy being free... i kept calling her a goof ball every third shot or so. after hearing me call her that for the 10th time, she insisted she simply had no idea why i would call her that. hmmm...i dont know, you be the judge (see the last picture)

miss were great fun and i must say that this first picture...well, i could look at it ALL DAY LONG. there is something about you that is captivating and dreamy and beautiful.