Thursday, April 30, 2009

bluebonnets & babies | dallas child photographer

this poor little bug was so sick a couple days before her session. actually, she wasnt feeling all that well in these pictures either, but you would never know it. she is just the sweetest thing. and the last could you not just squeeze her right back?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

more purply-blue | dallas child photographer

you no doubt recognize this little bug. she and her family are really something...and i need to let you in on what a cool bunch they are and how touched i am by them.

i first met this little girly in the fall of last year when she and her mom traveled many states to come and have me take pictures of them together. i was and am so flattered. shortly thereafter, i get this letter about their session:

"Hey Theresa! I wanted to get back with you on the pictures. First of all, you are a genius. I just have to get that out of the way. Just so you know. :) Second of all, those pictures were the most incredible pictures I've ever seen. You made me look and feel beautiful after a crummy year, well to be honest a crummy few years. I can't tell you how much it did to my self esteem to see a picture of me where I looked happy and beautiful. I hardly ever get a good pic of myself. Third of all, my husband told me he got tears in his eyes when he saw those pictures."

[he is fighting in iraq and sent this portion to me:]

"Thank you so much for capturing "intee eyeenee, intee gelbee, intee roohee" (my eyes, my heart, my soul) with your camera. You have blessed me and I am so very grateful to you. It is like the sun just burst through thick, gray, tumultuous clouds. Bless you and all that you do. Thank YOU for YOUR service."

[ok...anyone have a tissue?]

"He is proudly showing off that [photo] book to anyone who even comes within 10 feet of him, including the Iraqis he works with. As a matter of fact, he's had several offers of arrainged marriage between Amelia and their sons when they were older. "

so now cutie-pie hopped on a plane and is back for more. they wanted to partake in our april ritual with the bluebonnets and after some crazy weather, we decided on this day...late in the afternoon. when i meet up with them, they are waiting with a gourmet dinner for 10 (!!!) for me to take home to my family because they were sad that our session would run into dinner-time.

truly great people. i am so happy to know you and thank you for sharing your family with me again. maybe you can start a waiting list for the marriage proposals that will surely keep pouring in? :)

bluebonnets | dallas child photographer

little miss was just bound and determined to not have anything to do with this whole shoot..."flowers? i dont need no stinkin' flowers!"... was kind of the feeling, until, of course, we arrive to this amazing field of purply flowers. then there was plenty of twirling and running and exploring.

i believe that she is cradling a magical ladybug in the last photo.

i just love her hair.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a texas right of passage | dallas child photographer

there is an interesting phenomenon that occurs every april here in Texas....bluebonnet season. for like 30 seconds, these purply-blue flowers sprout up in the most random and unlikely spots - along side the most trecherous freeways with no shoulder, in easements by ginormous powerlines, places like those - and because they are so purply-blue and because they tend to blanket the area they are in, people will risk life and limb to plop their kids, dogs, themselves in the middle and take pictures.

its great! it adds adventure to your life.

this patch of flowers really did completely cover the ground for as far as i could see. apparently a family seeded this area next to their house in an easement, by horse pasture, and it was stunning. we were well off the road and the worst i had to contend with were the feisty ants and the fact that we were in a very bright full sun with a very blond kiddo.

thank you. thank you. thank you to the family who took the time to create this amazing place. have you ever read the book Miss Rumphius? its about a woman who buys a huge bag of lupin seeds. before a stroll through town she fills her pockets with the seeds and sprinkles them as she walks. over time, the town becomes covered in beautiful flowers.

i might have to try this. bluebonnets are really something.

i know....his hair is getting long. but i just cant bring myself to cut it. he is so beautiful with his hair like this. arent the seventies back in? :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MIA | dallas child photographer

i opened my email this morning and started wading my way through. one in particular went something like this...

"ummm, yeah. where are you? i look at your blog all the time and i think you have fallen off the planet because you haven't updated or posted any new pictures in like...forever? just checking on you. are you alive?"

yes, i have been busy, and yes my house is swimming in an ocean of teenage emotions/horomones (!!!!!) but there really is no excuse for neglecting my poor little blog. so thank you alex for the kindly jolt. i promise i will make it a priority to post more this week. until then, i will leave you with a picture of one of the most beautiful kiddos i know. i look at her and still see my blond ringlet little baby and yet, hidden amongst the freckles, is the woman she is becoming.