Saturday, November 27, 2010

sweet | dallas child photographer

this sweet girl so deserves a reward. during her session, a wind storm cropped up out of nowhere and blasted us both with the eyes!

other than the i-almost-lost-my-eyesight thing, we had a good time. no shortage of smiles on this kid!

monkey shine | dallas family photographer

we have this picture of our family at one of our family reunions. we were at this camp, it was brutally hot and dusty and the look on every person's face reflected how we felt about that...except my brother. he was about 6, i think, and standing smack in the middle of a whole group of miserable looking people. he wore a smile that was bigger than his whole body and it was the "chessiest cheese-smile" ever! his hair was standing on end from playing in the wind and dirt, his eyes were closed up tight {every effort going into the smile} and it is probably one of my FAV.OR.ITE pictures of anyone...ever! because...he is the light and the focus of that picture.

and this little guy reminded me...all day...about that picture. when his family went left, he went right. when they smiled, he didnt. when they focused on each other, he turned into a monkey! he was in the railing, he was on top of the railing, he was on top of everyone's head! he was so funny...and i loved that the family just accepted that this is who he is and rolled with it.

mom and are so amazing with your children and even more amazing with each other.

and missy...i am just tickled when i look at your incredible smile. the smile that you have right now, with the missing teeth, is one of the best smiles out there!

i had so much fun with you all. thank you for sharing your family with me!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

old soul | dallas child photographer

this charmer came to me to update his portfolio. he is entering the working world and i tell you what, he is ready. he had me laughing from the moment he stepped out of the car.

by the and dad? i know ALL the family secrets! HA!

love | dallas child photographer

what can i say...i LoVe this kid.

i have the opportunity to take missy's pictures a couple times a year - some for fun, some for her working portfolio - and i LoVe this kid.

so much fun. till next time!

Monday, November 22, 2010

fresh | dallas family photographer

oh my holy moly! the fall season is sooo here!

i really have a lot of catching up to do on the ole' blog and cant wait to introduce you to the amazing people i have met.

this fun chickie is someone i did some commercial work for last year. i was so happy that she called me when she needed a few pictures of herself for an upcoming venture. she was just as cool as i remembered and it was a pleasure spending some time laughing and goofing one afternoon.

Friday, November 5, 2010

sweet | dallas child photographer

you would never know by looking at this sweet face that he was adament about not looking at me or smiling. in fact, i think he made eye contact with every person wandering the street just to avoid me! HA! little toad....

i could just get lost in his chocolate eyes. so, so cute!