Monday, January 26, 2009

super-star | dallas child photographer

my niece is such a goof. just as cute as can be...

"i'm a soooopa-star!!"
and no teeth. gotta love it!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

big red scarf | dallas child photographer

this is my mom's scarf. i stole it...for the day anyway. gracie owned this scarf. she wore it with pride. it didnt matter that it was 3 times her size. she told me it was "fashion" and that was that!

this is was her goal from the moment we stepped foot in as much "white" snow as she could possible get into her mouth for the duration of the trip.

Monday, January 19, 2009

grace | dallas child photographer

grace is such a good sport. she is always so willing and eager to help me with a shoot. this day was probably the warmest we encountered while in utah so i saw my opportunity, grabbed the tutus, the kids and an armful of clothes and ran out the door. although these used to be my old stomping grounds, i havent lived in this beautiful state in a loooong while. things change. new buildings sprout up. so scouting a spot to shoot on this day literally consisted of driving around, see something i like, haul my kiddo out of the car and hike across the snow and hope for the best.

i just love her facial expressions. i really never know what her mood is till it just happens.

here we are at the beginning...

this is into it about 10 minutes...
now at about 12 minutes...
and the end when i promised ice cream for a speedy, job well done.
kids are great. live by their rules and life is good: be simple. be quick. be fun. eat sweets.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

brandon | dallas child photographer

my nephew. i could just squeeze him. i mean, look at that face. squeezy. now this face is as innocent as it looks. what a sweet natured boy.

i was so excited to finally get some pictures of this face without the binki. he has that thing in his mouth so much one would think that he needs it to breathe.

ahh, look at this face! and those lips. just down right huggable.

ok, i love this picture. i think it's the sewater...or maybe its because he is such a boy. and so couldnt care less that we were all right there with him. to him, this moment was about a man and his truck and the open road.

love you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

mountain princess | dallas child photographer

well, we made the long trek home to utah for the holidays. its a long drive, road conditions can be a little hairy, one or all of my kids come down with a major illness. when all of "the family" converge on one spot we rival a crowd at a rock concert. to say that our time with family is chaotic and crazed would be, well, accurate...and i LOVE every minute.

i love the blizzards - white outs would be preferrable - the cozy wood burning stove flickering all day and night, the twinkle of the christmas lights and my mom's kitchen counter littered with a variety of christmas sweets from neighbors, family, friends. i love that when my sisters and i arrive with our children in tow, mom's front entry is warm and inviting...and orderly. what i love even more is once all six grandkids shed their many layers of hats, mittens, scarves, jackets, snow boots and anything else they wore to stay warm, a few articles find their way to the hooks meant to hang coats but most wind up in a mangled pile of cloth and clumps of snow on the stone floor. some may see clutter and mess. i smile and see "home."

only two out of six of the grandkids now live in utah and although we try to head home as often as possible and they come our way, its just not enough. little missy in the pictures below is noticeably scarce on my blog, website, and walls in my home. my goal on this trip was to rectify that issue...and after finally making my way through 1300 images of this kid...i think i achieved my goal.

she has the most beautiful eyes and a look that should tell all of you who don't know her that she isn't as innocent as she looks! :)

as many of you know, i shoot for tutu la-roo. poor madison loves the tutus but is so far away that she is never part of our photo sessions, so this time we brought the session to her. she was such a trooper. it was a wee bit chilly outside and this little girly was in tights and a bit of tulle. i can only imagine the draft!

thank you for being such a good sport maddy. we love you. you are beautiful!

Friday, January 9, 2009

herd of birdz on the cover | dallas child photographer

check out my neice abbie on the cover of a florida based magazine! i was so honored when they contacted me after having seen our website and asked if they could use one of our images for their cover. LOVE IT

the folks at are so nice and great to work with. thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your world. :)