Wednesday, January 14, 2009

brandon | dallas child photographer

my nephew. i could just squeeze him. i mean, look at that face. squeezy. now this face is as innocent as it looks. what a sweet natured boy.

i was so excited to finally get some pictures of this face without the binki. he has that thing in his mouth so much one would think that he needs it to breathe.

ahh, look at this face! and those lips. just down right huggable.

ok, i love this picture. i think it's the sewater...or maybe its because he is such a boy. and so couldnt care less that we were all right there with him. to him, this moment was about a man and his truck and the open road.

love you.


Rach said...

These are amazing. Sniff, Sniff!! You did a great job capturing my kids looking like the angels that they are...well sometimes :)

Love you

Tanelle Lindquist said...

The colors in these pictures are amazing! You are so talented!