Monday, November 9, 2009

4 little birdz | dallas child photographer

i am always amazed at how children can come from the same gene pool and wind up with such vastly different personalities. you would think that they would be more similar than not. i find that my kids are more like their unrelated friends than they are each other.

these kids are a perfect example. the oldest was such the well-mannered kid. he knew what he liked but was open to suggestion. he kind of "rolled with it" and got in and got the job done...all the while trying to make polite conversation.

then there were the twins. they were alike, of course, in many ways but distinct in their own way. the first girlie i photographed was a bit more hesitant and reserved. the other was...well...not! the second cutie-pie was unhinged and crazy and fun right out of the gate. but then a funny thing happened. when i got the girls together, both were immediately on the same page and laughing and hugging and squeezing and goofing. it was fun to watch them work in concert with the other without even really talking about it.

the baby bird really made me laugh. her older sisters are so tiny and her brother is long and lean. this little bug looks like she doesnt take any grief from anyone and has the muscle to back it up. she held back at first to test the waters but once she felt comfortable, she was telling me where we needed to go to take pictures and where she wanted to stand. i LOVE kids who are spunky.

thanks guys for a fun session!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

fun | dallas child photographer

em is such a help when i want to try something new. after my last please-oh-please-help-me-while-i-learn-some-flash-techniques i thought she would run away if i asked her to help again. she didnt. :)

i have this wonderful friend who has this amazing studio set up in his home. he has allowed me to drag my kids, their friends, tubs of props into his quiet existence AND has even allowed us to blast lady gaga and the likes from his computer while we shoot. love ya, bob. thank you

anywho, emily is one of my favorite people in the whole world to photograph and (for the most part) is one of the easiest. thanks, lovey

thought this was so funny. she and her friend were goofing around while i was moving the lights and i just happened to grab this shot with a light in one hand, camera in the other and in motion :)

emily accompanied me for a sunday shoot downtown. we quickly popped a few photos while we were waiting for our clients to arrive. you would never know that she had been up half the night at a sleep over, with a massive sugar high (halloween was the night before) and she was filthy rotten dirty. :)