Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i'm melting | dallas child photographer

i cant believe how hot it was on this morning. one of the kids asked me if i had ever seen the wizard of oz...and said we were all like the scene with the witch..."i'm mellllllting! what a world, what a world!"as we disappear into the ground.

pretty much.

these guys were so cute though. and this little man...he is my new boyfriend. :) he had these dimples that i swear touched each other on the inside when he smiled. and his laugh...infectious! when i told him that i was claiming him as my new boyfriend, he paused, thought about it for a second and said, "that would be ok with me," then gave me the absolute best smile.

have fun at the beach! you will have to tell me about all you fantastic adventures...just dont get a new girlfriend! :)

i LOVE that he walked right up to his mom and attacked her with a kiss from behind.

hot summer fun | dallas child photographer

these kids were amazing. i dragged them out of bed early to try and beat the crazy heat but it was hot. africa-hot. melt your face, tennis shoes stuck to the ground, river running down your back hot...at 8:30 in the morning.

but they were still great. we played and we goofed and did these kids know jokes! loads of them. i was so impressed.

thanks guys for hanging in there.

is he sooo cool just hangin' out in the shade?

such a sweet face...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sweet | dallas child photographer

this was part of our last minute, jump in the car without shoes, swimsuits still on, rush to the flower field before the sun goes down photos with the kids. the light was sooo pretty and glow-y until we got there which is when it turned a distinct grey. you would never know though because this kid just seems to radiate her own light.

friends | dallas family photographer

this is my friend mary.

we met because her kids were among the first i photographed as a professional. we quickly became friends. we have a similar sense of humor and view of life which is to say that we are...interesting. :)

our kids - especially our oldest - have become fast and furious friends which makes it nice. its not often you find friends that not only accept your quirky-ness but cultivate it. these people are so much fun to hang out with and and give us a sense of family when most of our family lives so far away.

we LOVE you! thanks for being our bestest friends.

going in for a smooch...

body tackle for the smooch...

then off to a flower field for an impromptu mini shoot with one of the kids (more on that later...)

mary practicing for the alien fest in roswell, new mexico in a couple weeks. you are goin' to fit in just fine my friend....

luv ya.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

eyes to the soul | dallas child photographer

these kids were so...familiar ?...to me. the oldest was so agreeable and polite and sweet and easy. like my oldest. the middle kiddo was a ball of fire, left-of-center and a kick in the pants. hysterical really. with this kid you just hold on for the ride. just like my middle kiddo. the youngest kind of had his own agenda. he was polite and sweet, but seemed to want to go and do his own thing. like my youngest.

it was a bit like taking pictures of my own herd. i used the same bag of tricks that i use with my own. kind of funny.

little mister had me popping bubbles with my gum until i thought my jaw would stop working. and (!!!) i survived a skateboard ride down a very uneven sidewalk. he insisted that i give it a whirl. to say that i walked away in one piece is a major accomplishment considering i havent been on one of those things in about 30 years, give or take.

it was worth risking injury, if you ask me. i LOVE these shots and LOVE these kids. thanks for sharing your kids with me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mr. dreamy | dallas child photographer

i could just look at this dreamy face all day. he was so sweet, and kind and goofy and...those eyes! those lips! and the lashes and creamy skin...ahhhh. perfection. i think i complimented him about every 30 seconds or so. and, when i wasnt complimenting him to his face, i was telling his mother who would just nod in silent agreement with a small smile on her face.

i loved that that the moment he stepped out of the car, he walked right up to me without hesitation and said, "whatever you want me to wear, i will wear it. whatever you want me to do, i will do it." i said, "do you know how to have fun cause that's all i want you to do." he said, "i can do that!"

love this kid.

ok mom, i know you have waited patiently for a taste. i hope you like them. me? i will just sit and oooh and ahhh over your perfect boy.

fallen warrior | dallas child photographer

grace tucked herself into my bed and plugged in the mini-dvd player. when i left her she was propped up on her elbows about a foot and a half from the screen. when i checked in on her a bit later, she had given up the fight...and landed right on her face! i guess the urge to sleep came up on her quickly...

i thought this was so funny. :)

balloon fight | dallas child photographer

our street is so cool.

on the last day of school, while the kids are cleaning out their desks, passing out phone numbers and making summer plans with their friends, the parents and high school age siblings are home filling as many water balloons as possible. so many, in fact, that my fingers were screaming from tying the knots. every 5 gallon bucket, cooler, big storage bin is re-purposed to hold a gazoodle water balloons. then, about 15 minutes before 3pm, we haul them to the end of the street where we...wait.

the kids eventually make their way from school, arms heavy with "stuff," to our street where we unleash a flurry of flying water ballons. the kids drop their things and jump into the fray. balloons fly from both sides of the street and nothing...i mean nothing... is sacred which is why you dont see any action shots. i would rather be a part of the fun than take pictures of it...and i dont trust that my camera would make it out alive!

for about 10 minutes it is chaos...then it is over. it is our WELCOME SUMMER salute.

my little ben was old enough to get in on the action and did so with great excitement. except he thought he would start early and target me!

ha! ha! just kidding mom.....
sweet little ole' me wouldnt do that to you...
the warrior returns from the fight. wet. and without clothes....
welcome summer. we missed you!