Tuesday, June 16, 2009

eyes to the soul | dallas child photographer

these kids were so...familiar ?...to me. the oldest was so agreeable and polite and sweet and easy. like my oldest. the middle kiddo was a ball of fire, left-of-center and a kick in the pants. hysterical really. with this kid you just hold on for the ride. just like my middle kiddo. the youngest kind of had his own agenda. he was polite and sweet, but seemed to want to go and do his own thing. like my youngest.

it was a bit like taking pictures of my own herd. i used the same bag of tricks that i use with my own. kind of funny.

little mister had me popping bubbles with my gum until i thought my jaw would stop working. and (!!!) i survived a skateboard ride down a very uneven sidewalk. he insisted that i give it a whirl. to say that i walked away in one piece is a major accomplishment considering i havent been on one of those things in about 30 years, give or take.

it was worth risking injury, if you ask me. i LOVE these shots and LOVE these kids. thanks for sharing your kids with me.