Tuesday, June 9, 2009

balloon fight | dallas child photographer

our street is so cool.

on the last day of school, while the kids are cleaning out their desks, passing out phone numbers and making summer plans with their friends, the parents and high school age siblings are home filling as many water balloons as possible. so many, in fact, that my fingers were screaming from tying the knots. every 5 gallon bucket, cooler, big storage bin is re-purposed to hold a gazoodle water balloons. then, about 15 minutes before 3pm, we haul them to the end of the street where we...wait.

the kids eventually make their way from school, arms heavy with "stuff," to our street where we unleash a flurry of flying water ballons. the kids drop their things and jump into the fray. balloons fly from both sides of the street and nothing...i mean nothing... is sacred which is why you dont see any action shots. i would rather be a part of the fun than take pictures of it...and i dont trust that my camera would make it out alive!

for about 10 minutes it is chaos...then it is over. it is our WELCOME SUMMER salute.

my little ben was old enough to get in on the action and did so with great excitement. except he thought he would start early and target me!

ha! ha! just kidding mom.....
sweet little ole' me wouldnt do that to you...
the warrior returns from the fight. wet. and without clothes....
welcome summer. we missed you!