Wednesday, June 17, 2009

friends | dallas family photographer

this is my friend mary.

we met because her kids were among the first i photographed as a professional. we quickly became friends. we have a similar sense of humor and view of life which is to say that we are...interesting. :)

our kids - especially our oldest - have become fast and furious friends which makes it nice. its not often you find friends that not only accept your quirky-ness but cultivate it. these people are so much fun to hang out with and and give us a sense of family when most of our family lives so far away.

we LOVE you! thanks for being our bestest friends.

going in for a smooch...

body tackle for the smooch...

then off to a flower field for an impromptu mini shoot with one of the kids (more on that later...)

mary practicing for the alien fest in roswell, new mexico in a couple weeks. you are goin' to fit in just fine my friend....

luv ya.