Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dallas walk-about | dallas child photographer

a few days ago i hauled the kids off to a friends house at the crack of dawn, in their jammies so that i could brave the sizzling heat and head downtown for a walk-about. i have never gone on one of these adventures and was so excited. the premise behind a walk-about is to gather a bunch o' photographers (professional/ hobbiests/ newbies) and stroll; taking pictures of anything and everything.

it was fun. it was crazy hot. the kids that volunteered to be our models were so cute AND (this is a very big and...) it was cool to just take pictures with absolutely no agenda.

i met a couple of "characters" along the way. the kids had a dance recital and had to leave so the other photographers started taking pictures of the architecture, etc...but i love faces. so i found me a couple of kind people who allowed me to shove my camera in their face. the first gentleman was ever so kind. he and i chatted for a minute in the scorching heat. he wore a smile the entire time. his eyes tell a story, dont they?

then there was one of dallas' finest. who knew the man was a natural in front of the camera?!! what a HOOT!

the kids were adorable and so easy to photograph. can you imagine how tough it is to be the focus of 30+ photographers cat-calling you "look this way?" it was like they had their own pack of paparazzi. but, they handled it all well.

thanks everyone for a great morning!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i heart faces {play} | dallas child photographer

when i saw the recent photo challenge for i heart faces, i knew i had to submit this image.

it was field day at school and one of the stations was "wash the teacher's car." ingenious!! free child labor but call it "play!" it worked because each car had about 300 kids soaping it and the kids ate it up.

missy had more fun with the sponge and soapy-sudsy water flying everywhere than she did at any other station. i LOVE the sticker on her face. it makes me laugh. she couldn't have been happier at this moment if tinkerbell landed on her shoulder.

head on over to the site and see all the wonderful images submitted.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

so excited! | dallas child photographer

isnt this the cutest album EVER?!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

contest entry | dallas child photographer

i found this contest at the 11th hour this morning (submissions end today!) and decided to enter. most of the commercial shooting that i have done has been for the bitty little kids and the magazine covers seem to be of the little bugs. so yesterday, my lovey asks me "mom...why dont you use my pictures?"

good golly, it's not like this kid isnt drop dead gorgeous!! so i entered her phto this morning, and now i need your votes. if you have the time and you like this photo, i would appreciate your vote! head over here and cast your vote NOW!!

thank you :)