Wednesday, April 30, 2008

baby bird | dallas baby photographer

How cute is this little birdie? She was only 12 days old, but so squishy and long! The idea was to have her fit inside the nest or curl up inside the basket but she was content to just stretch out and find comfort on her terms! She absolutely loved the feathers. Thanks for letting me spend time with your little one. Ahhh, the time goes so fast.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where has the time gone...| dallas child photographer

I look at these pictures of my Emily and wonder where the time has gone. I laugh at myself when I look at my children and find myself thinking, "I remember when..." or "It seems just like yesterday that..." because only my mother says things like that! (Luv you, Mom) But, look at this kid! She is practically a "whole person" as she would say and here I seems like yesterday that the doctors handed me the most beautiful baby I had ever seen and she took my breath away. She still does...

Little man | dallas baby photographer

My little guy just isn't so little any more. He runs like the wind and never stops buzzing around, but he has the most gentle soul. I love the little blonde curls! The last picture is a "kiss" to his Daddy... "Daa-dtheee."

"Mud boots" | dallas child photographer

My little bug just can't live without her boots...rain boots, snow boots, any boots. Today it just happened to be rain boots, but to her, they are all "mud boots." Today she was overdressed because her usual attire is a tutu or swimsuit and her "mud boots," that's it. She sleeps, plays, goes to the grocery store in her tutu and "mud boots." Today, these boots were put to good use. Ahhh, to be three!

Senior year!!! | dallas senior photographer

This girl was so much fun, what a hoot. For those of you who know her, ask her about the "monster squirrel."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4 awesome kids | dallas child photographer

Can you believe that all these beautiful kiddos are in the same family? They were so much fun and really willing to try anything. We drove, walked and climbed our way through the day to find the most interesting and scenic places. I know Mom is dying to see some images, so as promised, here are a few...well more than a few but I couldn't choose! Thanks for a really fun day.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Will & Grace | dallas child photographer

This is my Gracie and her friend Will...both are spunky, fun and totally cool 3 year olds. They were so much fun today. I will post more because there are so many cute images. I just had to grab a few for a quick show-and-tell.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sebastian | dallas baby photographer

Isn't this baby just the most gorgeous thing? Those cheeks...I could just eat him. He was sooo serious. Here is a sneak peek for Mom. Thanks for a great session. It was fun!

Gillie & Gracie | dallas family photographer

Ok Mom, here are a few images to prove that all our hard work paid off! These two kiddos were bound and determined not to have their pictures taken, despite Mom's attempts at bribery. But I think we got what we wanted, don't you?