Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mr. dreamy | dallas child photographer

i could just look at this dreamy face all day. he was so sweet, and kind and goofy and...those eyes! those lips! and the lashes and creamy skin...ahhhh. perfection. i think i complimented him about every 30 seconds or so. and, when i wasnt complimenting him to his face, i was telling his mother who would just nod in silent agreement with a small smile on her face.

i loved that that the moment he stepped out of the car, he walked right up to me without hesitation and said, "whatever you want me to wear, i will wear it. whatever you want me to do, i will do it." i said, "do you know how to have fun cause that's all i want you to do." he said, "i can do that!"

love this kid.

ok mom, i know you have waited patiently for a taste. i hope you like them. me? i will just sit and oooh and ahhh over your perfect boy.