Monday, January 19, 2009

grace | dallas child photographer

grace is such a good sport. she is always so willing and eager to help me with a shoot. this day was probably the warmest we encountered while in utah so i saw my opportunity, grabbed the tutus, the kids and an armful of clothes and ran out the door. although these used to be my old stomping grounds, i havent lived in this beautiful state in a loooong while. things change. new buildings sprout up. so scouting a spot to shoot on this day literally consisted of driving around, see something i like, haul my kiddo out of the car and hike across the snow and hope for the best.

i just love her facial expressions. i really never know what her mood is till it just happens.

here we are at the beginning...

this is into it about 10 minutes...
now at about 12 minutes...
and the end when i promised ice cream for a speedy, job well done.
kids are great. live by their rules and life is good: be simple. be quick. be fun. eat sweets.


Terri said...

Hi Theresa - I absolutely love your photography!!!

I would love to purchase a tutu just like the first picture in this post (purple) but I don't see it on your etsy site.

Also, where do you purchase your hats??

Thanks for your inspiration.


Theresa said...

hi terri

thank you for your nice comments :)
the tutus are not mine. they are from (julie is very nice)

i just shoot for them. as for the hats...look at it is my FAVORITE store.