Friday, December 5, 2008

renaissance angel | dallas child photographer

hello again!! first i have to thank all of the faithful visitors to my hopelessly neglected blog. i love your comments - on the blog and through my website - and love to hear that you want to see more of what i have been up to. i have been swamped with sessions since october and am so excited to share some of the images of the fantastic kids i have spent time with. however, today is not that day. :)

editing is my life right now, but for this little girl and her family, i needed to make an exception. this little bug reminds me of the angels painted throughout the renaissance...cherubs. i had so much fun getting to know her and couldnt help but hug her every chance i got which is why i felt compelled to "share" her.

her daddy is fighting for our country far, far away. with the exception of a few short months, he has only been able to watch this little angel grow from afar and because he is in an extremely dangerous area, his ability to access the internet or mail is sporatic and difficult. so, i wanted to post some pictures of this pretty little face on my blog in the event that her daddy will find his way to a computer and will be able to see how precious she is. i have no doubt this face could bring sunshine to even the most dreary of days.

call me sentimental, maybe it is the holidays, or that i have small kiddos as well and saw my children in this little bug's face. but, i want to tell this little one's daddy and all who serve with him that i appreciate so very much all that you have temporarily given up to make sure that my kids and i are safe.

be safe and hurry home.


Laurie said...


Wow. She looks amazing in those pictures, and you captured her personality so well. I am floored by your talent. It's hard to believe my baby is so big.

I haven't heard from my husband yet, but I've emailed him your site and blog, so hopefully he'll check in sometime and leave a message. I'm so excited!!

I need to give you a call tomorrow and get your mailing address also.

Thanks so very, very much. By the way, your blog entry brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to us.