Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a texas right of passage | dallas child photographer

there is an interesting phenomenon that occurs every april here in Texas....bluebonnet season. for like 30 seconds, these purply-blue flowers sprout up in the most random and unlikely spots - along side the most trecherous freeways with no shoulder, in easements by ginormous powerlines, places like those - and because they are so purply-blue and because they tend to blanket the area they are in, people will risk life and limb to plop their kids, dogs, themselves in the middle and take pictures.

its great! it adds adventure to your life.

this patch of flowers really did completely cover the ground for as far as i could see. apparently a family seeded this area next to their house in an easement, by horse pasture, and it was stunning. we were well off the road and the worst i had to contend with were the feisty ants and the fact that we were in a very bright full sun with a very blond kiddo.

thank you. thank you. thank you to the family who took the time to create this amazing place. have you ever read the book Miss Rumphius? its about a woman who buys a huge bag of lupin seeds. before a stroll through town she fills her pockets with the seeds and sprinkles them as she walks. over time, the town becomes covered in beautiful flowers.

i might have to try this. bluebonnets are really something.

i know....his hair is getting long. but i just cant bring myself to cut it. he is so beautiful with his hair like this. arent the seventies back in? :)