Sunday, May 3, 2009

post kids expo | dallas child photographer

well, the expo was a huge hit. thanks to all who stopped by my booth. despite the nasty weather, there was still a huge crowd. i will be announcing the winner of our drawing in the next couple of days so keep your eyes could be YOU!

i have to share something cute about the comments that i continually received all day about the pictures of the kids i had on display. many people came by, saw your kiddo's pictures and said, "Oh! that's the kid with the eyes...i've seen her before. she is stunning. you said she was how old?"

suzanne...i have a blow up of your little peanut that i have added to my display and she is now enjoying rock star status because i cant tell you how many people said, "isn't that the JC Penney baby?"

hollie...i am soooo happy that i blew up a photo of your kiddo with the guitar because even boys wandering around - older boys - without their parents were stopping by because they thought your kid was "way cool."

lisa...the picture of you and your hubby? well...people ooohed and ahhhed over it. i heard one dad say, "she actually looks like she likes him." :) HA!

one woman asked me what my photos of real kids looked like. uhhh...what? well, she thought that all the kids in the photos were models that i had worked with and she wanted to see pictures of the every day average kid so she could decide whether she wanted to book a session for her kiddo... you should have seen her face when i told her that all of your kids were my every day average kid pictures.

your kids are all so beautiful i wanted to share with you what other people had to say.

till next time...peace