Thursday, May 28, 2009

vintage fun | dallas child photographer

this session was craaazy.

this little girlie and i went downtown to take some pictures of a cool and funky vintage dress that she had found. she absolutely looked like she belonged in this outfit and owned it while she wore it.

you would never know by looking at her sweet face that she was trying desperately not to scrunch up her nose to protect her senses from the horribly rancid smell eminating from the bushes right behind her...and...she was trying to fight off the world's most aggressive fly. just one. but it was the most annoying little thing. needless to say, we quickly got a few shots and moved to the nice area in the ecclectic part of downtown.

she was cute and crazy and fun. i love that. but most importantly, she humored me by wearing a long sleeved shirt in the baking heat.

hey, missy. i want your socks!


Lexibrookie said...

You always do such a wonderful job Theresa!!!