Saturday, June 28, 2008

what a goofball | dallas child photographer

this was by far the funniest kid i have encountered in a while...except for my niece who is the goofiest of them all. i love this age because they just crack themselves up.

me: tell me a really good joke.

her: knock knock {they are all knock knock jokes in the first grade}

me: who's there?

her: camera!

me: camera who?

her: watermelon!!! Ahhhh ha ha ha

me: stunned silence for 1/2 a second, then roaring laughter.

the moment i met this joker, she was laughing. she laughed at me, with me, and well, just laughed because it suits her. she makes me smile just thinking about how much she laughed. thank you for a photography at play kinda day.


Monica Carroll Photography said...

These are too fun. I love the way you're able to capture such vivid color in your images. This is exactly why I check your blog every time I get a chance. ;-D