Tuesday, June 24, 2008

3 peas | dallas child photographer

these kids defined photography at play which made this day a whole lotta fun. 3 guesses which kiddo "turned it on."

many of the kids that have come my way lately have been girls, so i just loved this little guy. as long as i let him push buttons on my camera every other shot or so, he was happy. for a minute he went crazy and started pushing all kinds of buttons. i had this vision that all the images would come out "hinkey" and i would be scratching my head trying to figure out what he had done. whew!

talk about eyes...the oldest kiddo could stop traffic with hers. just beautiful.

the little girly in this first shot was such a kick in the pants. just full of expression...but she made me work because every time she saw that camera come anywhere near my face, she turned on the "cheese smile." she was so funny and expressive until the camera moved north, then quick as a blink, she had the "cheese smile" ready. i had to pull out all my little tricks. my favorite was when i turned off the camera and told her something was wrong with it...the button wouldn't work. i let her push the shutter button, and sure enough, it didn't work. :) so, i told her to relax for a second while i tried to fix it. she didn't have to smile or even look at me when the camera was by my eye because i was just fixing the button...then i promptly turned on the camera and waited.

about 2 1/2 seconds went by and she gave me the best image ever...which is the last one in this post! HA!! i am still laughing....you can't get anymore real than that! that pretty much sums her up, doesn't it amy?

thanks for a fantabulous day.


Amy Russo said...

Thank you for posting pictures. They are awesome!!! It truly is amazing how you were able to capture each childs unique personality. I can't wait to see the CD!!

Thanks Again,