Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tickled pink

i wouldn't say that i had a black thumb, but it certainly isn't green. if family or friend offers some sort of growing thing for me to keep alive, they know enough by now to buy the one that says "hearty." at least then, the poor thing has a fighting chance at survival. i water them, i give them nice homes in the sun, in the shade...whatever the little information stick says to do. yet, they inevitably die.

i adore hydrangeas. they make me happy. so about 3 years ago i bought a thriving plant with beautiful blooming flowers hanging off of it...i wanted to hit the ground running...and planted it in the best spot available in my back yard. it held on, but it wasn't pretty. so i bought another one. maybe the first one was lonely and they could thrive together. they didn't. my husband bought yet another and called it the "family love flower" i guess hoping that the endearing name would give it stamina. it didn't.

5 plants and 3 years later land ook what has risen from the ashes! not only are they thriving, blooming and just glorious, they are now way to close together and i am faced with the decision of leaving well enough alone or transplanting them so they don't suffocate each other.

yes, i think so too...leave well enough alone! they made it this far. Ahhh, they just sing happiness to me. :)