Monday, June 23, 2008

dallas baby fair | dallas baby photographer

Thank you to all who stopped by our "booth" and said hello on Saturday. We had a great time talking to everyone and seeing many of the cute kids that graced our displays. For those of you who did not come by the fair or who have never strolled though one of these, the Dallas Baby magazine periodically hosts a cover contest and creates this vendor fair around it. This was such a day. They set up an on-site studio and people brought their babies in for a test shoot for a chance of seeing their kiddo on the cover.

Well, I'll tell you that I have never seen so many stunning children in one place...I was in heaven! Every time I turned aroun there was a baby with the face, and eyes, and expression that could just melt your heart. Well, being me, I had to schmmoze with each kid and each family for just the briefest opportunity to get a look at such a stunning kid. The time just flew by and what a great day laughing and playing with some of the most adorable kids.

Julie, "the tutu-lady" as my kids call her :) brought some of her fabulous tutus and it was so funny to watch the moms of little girls as they walked by. It was like radar...girly, colorful and fun. What more does a mom need to quickly make a screeching turn to check out the whimsical?

I wonder if one of these would fit me?

My husband was such a great help and I think he suprised himself at how "into it" he became when we started talking about how we wanted to display my images. The tall display was a piece of scrap corrugated metal that he mounted to a small stand. The table for our cards was a salvaged barn wood table that he put together 2 days before. Thanks, honey for all your hard work. It looked GREAT!


Ali said...

Theresa it looks amazing...I am so exicted for you!!!
love ya