Sunday, June 29, 2008

published! | dallas child photographer

i have tried to hold on to this secret, just in case my image was cut at the last minute before publication...but now i am excited to say that one of my images has been published in the newest edition of Life Images magazine. it is a picture of my little Gracie blowing a wishing puff along with a journal entry of the conversation we had - she and i - about the wishing puff. {we are on pages 60-61}.

Grace's response upon seeing her picture in print was so funny, and unexpected:

me: look Gracie! you are in a magazine! what do you think?

grace: {smiling} cool...that's me...but now when am i going to be on TV like Spongebob?

gotta love how they just don't "sweat the small stuff." well, i am proud to have my image in this publication and will leave the movie star stuff to Gracie and Spongebob.