Saturday, October 31, 2009

kismet | dallas child photographer

have you ever met someone and felt immediately as though you've known them for ages? you immediately fall into a groove that is comfortable and fun and...familiar? kismet. that is how i felt when these two cuties met me downtown. i couldn't believe how much this little girl looked like my niece. they are the same age, have the same features and the same energy. we seemed to find our pace immediately. i could have taken pictures of her all day long. most of the kids i meet are fun and creative, but i have to say this one has that little "something" about her that is so endearing. we hopped. we skipped. we spoke in foreign accents and we laughed. good deep belly laughs and i had a really fun time.

and her squeezie is he? he has the most angelic face, and the sweetest baby curls...ahhh...i miss this age.

these parents were fantastically groovy and i want to thank them for allowing me to give this baby his first candy ever!! he was all over the sucker...fascinated by it really and it was fun to watch.

so allow me to introduce you to little missy and her irresistable brother. i feel like they are practically family :)